5 chilled stops to visit along the Overberg, Western Cape

The Overberg in the Western Cape has long been a popular route for a holiday or a short escape with locals. I know, I’ve been driving through these routes my whole life! The routes taken to the various little towns and holiday spots are scenic and aren’t more than 3 hours out of the city of Cape Town. I recently took a trip for a few days to the Overberg during spring, and decided to put together a list of 5 laid back stops you can check out for fun.


Stellenbosch is a small town located about 40 minutes away from Cape Town city. It’s a town steeped with rich history and famous for its abundant wine farms. Many visit Stellenbosch for wine tasting and just to get a bit of that small town feel. Lined with pretty oak trees, Stellenbosch is also known for being a happening university town. There are well preserved Dutch colonial homes of earlier settlers that you can visit. There are lots of small restaurants in the main town area, which are def worth trying.


Hermanus has always been a favourite stop for me. This bustling town is known more for its amazing whale breeding season between September and October. Many love coming here for a short holiday and for the whale spotting opportunities. My personal recommendation for the best whale spotting would be to stay in Hermanus overnight, and hang out on the cliffs around sunset. This is the prime time to spot many pods of whales that come into the bay. It’s beyond beautiful.


Elim is one town that is undoubtedly off the beaten track! This small farming village grew into a town over the centuries. It was originally a missionary station which was also home to many of the slaves who were stranded along the coast. Besides the humble white-washed cottages and scenic landscapes surrounding it, it also is also home to the first monument commemorating the end of slavery in South Africa. A history museum is also open behind the Moravian church. There’s nothing to do here besides stop and take photos.


Known for its once abundant population of ostriches that roamed the area, this little town has become more popular as a holiday getaway today. The beaches in Struisbaai are probably the biggest attraction about this town.

Cape Agulhas

Everybody visits the famous Cape Point reserve that lies at the very tip of the African continent. It’s where the two oceans meet. Cape Agulhas, however, is the most Southern point in all of Africa in terms of longitudal positioning. The area makes a popular relaxing holiday getaway with many B&Bs and self-catering cottages facing the coastline. The iconic lighthouse is one of the most visited spots in the area.

Of course there are many other amazing little towns along the coast and inland that are not mentioned here that are worth visiting. Along the routes of the Overberg you can visit many nature reserves where you spot the majestic whales and some wildlife all along the way off the coast. Just look out for the many whale watching spot signs along the roads!

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26 thoughts on “5 chilled stops to visit along the Overberg, Western Cape

  1. This looks very nice and the story about this whole Morovian church is very interesting. I’ve only heard about it when there was a gentleman from Ganadendaal (or so…) in Germany and we visited some of his ‘brothers’. As soon as I find an adequate travel buddy, I’m off to S.A. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. These places look like the perfect chill-out spots along the Overberg Western Cape. I’d love to return to SA and see more of this glorious country. Never heard of Elim, so it’s interesting to know about the slavery monument. Stellenbosch looks beautiful, it’s also wine country no?

  3. Lovely. It looks like Overberg has a little bit of something for everyone. The beached looked absolutely stunning. I’ve never been to Cape Town but if I ever make it, I now know where to go off exploring to!

  4. Great to know about all these that can make a trip to Cape Town more filled! Tjhere’s wine tasting, whale watching, beaches, lighthouses, etc. But isn’t there a penguins colony, too?

  5. Cape Agulhas is a must for me! I’ve always wanted to go since I’ve known that it is the southernmost tip of Africa. I like exploring destinations that are quirky like that. I also love the sound of Stellenbosch! You had me at wine tasting!

  6. Such diverse places to visit and I love that you can explore so much be it the seaside or the cute houses in Elim. I would love to visit Cape Agulhas primarily because of it’s location but also the lighthouse and the entire backdrop is so photograph-able.

  7. I’ve never been to South Africa and I had no idea it would have such cute little houses!! The colour of that water is beautiful too. I like the idea of taking a relaxing trip down the cost stopping in these beautiful places to learn a bit of history and possibly see whales.

  8. There are so many unique villages to visit from cape town. Stellenbosch for wine and Hermanus for a perfect sunset. I love your picture of the cute houses of Elim too!

  9. Love these destination ideas! The only one I had heard of before is Stellenbosch, because wine, of course. The water at Strusibaai looks amazing, I’d love to see it in person!

  10. Funny how I just had the same thought lately of putting together a list of awesome places to visit in my hometown after years of enjoying them. I just lately realized that they are worth sharing. haha. Love the list you’ve created, btw 🙂 Indeed all of them are pretty relaxing. I wouldn’t mind spending hours just enjoying the atmosphere :). Hermanus does seem really lovely. The landscape is just breathtaking!

  11. So much beauty. I love the lighthouse and that coastline. I will have to add Cape Agulhas to our bucket list. It has not been on my radar until now!

  12. WOW!! Always had curiosity about South Africa and especially Cape town since its located at the tip point. But the places you shown look awesome!! Never knew this destination has so much to offer.. I love all your pictures and want to see the Whale 😛 It seems wise to visit this on sunny day as the colors are so vibrant. But really nice post.

  13. It is just recently that someone was gushing about Cape Town. And you I read this post of how much more to around Cape Town as well. It really looks beautiful. I particularly love the sound of Stellenbosch and Hermanus. The last being for the whale breeding season. And the of course, I might want to even see where the two oceans meet. Seems like if and when I ever get to Cape Town I will have to reserve quite a few days.

  14. The spots indeed look beautiful. Particularly Hermanus and it’s coast looks very impressive. Cape Agulhas is also equally beautiful. If I were traveling this region, I would love to cover all these spots

  15. What cute little towns! I especially love the pictures from Hermanus. I think I could go whale watching every day!

  16. These 5 places definitely sound like great places to visit and unwind in. I’ll definitely need to check out Hermanus … whales and scenic cliffs, what more could you ask for??

  17. Stellenbosch is my favourite! And Franschoek too! I’ve only been there once, the wine tasting is brilliant with the backdrop of the mountains in the distance! I’m definitely adding Hermanus, Elim, Struisbaai and Cape Agulhas to my next trip!

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