Hi, I’m Bee and welcome to my lifestyle blog! Follow me through my travels and life abroad in different countries. I offer insight on travel, exploring new places, art as well as current lifestyle trends across the globe. I will try and capture the very best of my experiences to share with you through my photography, illustration and writing.

I am currently based in Cape Town, South Africa and work as a travel and copy writer.


about me

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa! I am an avid beach and nature lover. Since I first travelled to The Netherlands, I was bitten by the travel bug. I have since lived and worked in Peru, South Korea and France. Choosing to live and work abroad is a big deal, a big decision and hard work. So, I will be sharing my adventures, experiences and tips in this blog.

academic background

I studied a BA at UCT (University of Cape Town) in Media Writing, Art History and English Literature. After that I did a 1 year diploma in Marketing Management. I also recently graduated in an MBA in Fashion Management at Le CNAM university and ESMOD in Paris, France.

fun facts:

  • I have travelled to every continent on the globe.
  • I use and love my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera to take my pictures.
  • I also speak Afrikaans, Spanish, some German, some French and Korean.
  • I also love art and drawing, and freelance as an illustrator specialising in character design (check out my work in at (worldofbonbon.com).
  • I worked as English Teacher in ESL in Korea for 3 years. .
  • I have worked in Copywriting, CRM (Customer Relations Marketing), PR writing and a bit of DTP design. However, I specialise in illustration and writing stuff for media & communications.
  • My perfect holiday includes going to the beach, shopping and getting massages.
  • I LOVE Hello Kitty.
  • I enjoy reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy adventure type stuff.
  • I love the world of fashion from apparel trends to lifestyle choices, and therefore combine my travel experiences with my interests and musings.
  • I LOVE a good bargain!

work with me

Interested in reviews, articles, opinions or info from me and my blog? Then contact me at: beedujour123@gmail.com. Otherwise leave your deets in this form below 🙂

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