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tueSDAY, 3 january 2017

The Cheetahs at StellenboschDSCN1745feat

A few years ago, I went on a quick drive up to Stellenbosch. We are lucky in South Africa. We get so much amazing opportunities to see wildlife, that most people only get to see on the National Geographic channels. Whether the animals are in their natural habitat or in sanctuaries, we are still lucky to be able to see them in plenty…..(click to read more)


WEDNESDAY, 23 october 2016

Cape Town’s 10 Best BeachesDSC_0311

What is a holiday without the beach? I judge a good vacation by the quality of beaches the country has, if they have any of course. Cape Town, has no shortage of the best beaches, and they rank top of my list. Cape Town is a great holiday destination, expensive, but the beaches and relaxed life are totes worth it….(click to read more)

wednesday, 22 june 2016

The Rough Skins In Knysna

I love animals and nature. I also like taking photos of them! I promised myself a trip up South Africa’s infamous Garden Route to see the Elephants…(click to read more)

tuesday, 21 june 2016

Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town have an awesome collection and it’s one of my fave places to go and relax on sunny days. Here is a small collection of my faves from my last visit….(click to read more)

sunday, 5 may 2014

Fashion Shopping in Cape TownshopCT

South Africa isn’t necessarily perceived as a shopping capital or the go to place to get
your shop on, but that has not stopped fashion from happening on our shores! I check out Cape Town’s best shopping spots for all the latest fashion finds for different budgets….(click to read more)