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suNDAY, 2 july 2017

Innisfree: Super Volcanic Clay Mask


Humidity and extreme heat in the Seoul’s busy urban landscape can take it’s toll on your skin. A few hours out in the muggy heat, with high pollution levels and sweat can make way for problem skin to get out of hand. We all have our skin routines for every season and  I like to change at least one thing or try something new……..(click to read more)

wednesDAY, 8 june 2017

The Leeum Samsung Foundation MuseumFEAT

The Leeum Museum has been on on my museum list for a while. Before, me and my friend were always too busy to visit and then I left Korea. Now, that I had returned the opportunity to finally visit the museum was a must. So on a rainy public holiday, these two art lovers set out to fulfil our museum goal.!………(click to read more)

MONDAY, 29 MAY 2017

Hello Kitty Island, Jeju-dofeat

Besides it’s amazing natural beauty and outdoor hiking trails, Jeju Island is also famous for it’s many museums and theme parks around the island. One of its most recent attractions is the new exhibition hall, Hello Kitty Island. A new complex built to indulge in the ultra-cute world of Sanrio’s most beloved character…Hello Kitty! I first heard of the place two years ago when I spotted it on Instagram. As fate would have it, I was going to spend a weekend in Jeju….and Hello Kitty Island was on top of my to do list!……..(click to read more)

sunDAY, 21 MAY 2017

Amazing Jeju Islandfeat

Jeju Island has been on my Korean bucket list for some time. The island’s popularity has grown so much over the past 5 years and it continues to be the perfect getaway destination. I finally decided to take a short weekend trip down South to the island to get a breath of fresh air and relax……..(click to read more)

monDAY, 15 MAY 2017

A New Hello Kitty Cafefeat

While walking about the streets of Hongdae recently, I noticed that the Hello Kitty Cafe was not longer in it’s usual alley way off the busy shopping street. However, further down  towards the university campus, I was surprised to find a large gate entrance with the Hello Kitty Cafe insignia and logo on the front. This cafe got one serious upgrade!………(click to read more)

friDAY, 5 may 2017

The Seoul Spring Lotus Lantern Festivalfeat

In my first post on the Seoul Lantern Festival, I referred to the one that takes place in late Autumn along the river. There is in fact two. This lantern festival is a month long and is in relation to Buddha’s birthday on 5 May.

I was invited by a wonderful new travelling friend to join in on the Spring Lotus Festival that took place on the weekend before Buddha’s birthday………(click to read more)

thursDAY, 27 APRIL 2017

Hongdae (Hongik Univ), Seoulfeat

Hongdae is one of Seoul’s busiest and most popular nightlife and entertainment areas. It also has had a large tourist attraction over the last ten years and many love it’s bohemian and youthful vibe. One beautiful Spring Sunday, I decided to take my camera and take some pictures of this vibrant area in Seoul……..(click to read more)

monday, 24 APRIL 2017

Korean Beauty: My 5 best brands and a booming industryfeat

The cosmetics industry in South Korea is serious business and the Korean beauty market has surpassed its other neighbouring competitors in Asia. In fact, its global presence is growing stronger. There are many brands in Korea, in fact too many to list in one blog post, that are with visiting and stocking up your beauty counter with. I will give you my short list of the best brands and my favourite products from them!…….(click to read more)


The Spring Flower Festival in Yeouidofeat

In continuing with my obsession with cherry blossom season, I decided to go check out the Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido. Yeouido is an area located in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. It’s also an island! For all the years I had been living here I didn’t even know. However the -do part should have given it away as it mean Island in Korean…….(click to read more)

Friday, 31 march 2017

Spring in Seoulfeat

Spring time in Asia does not last to long, and it’s best time is only between 2 or 3 weeks long. This is when the cherry blossoms bloom. I’m obsessed with these flowers, and make an effort to catch them in new places and countries when I have the opportunity…….(click to read more)


Sejong Village with Trazy.comDSC_0124

About a month ago, I was invited by Trazy Tours to go on a walking tour in the North of Seoul. The theme was about Korea’s Art from the Past to Present and its beginnings in Seoul. We all met at Gyeongbokgung Station and were met by our tour guides…….(click to read more)

thursDAY, 23 MARCH 2017

Dragon Hill Spafeat

Over my years living in Seoul, I have always heard about the famous Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. On doing a search, I saw beautiful interiors with multi-levels of spas offering a a variety of treatments. I got a bad knot in my trapeze muscle, and decided to treat myself to a good massage at the ultimate jimjilbang in Seoul after my Korean class…….(click to read more)

wednesday, 8 march 2017

Busan, South KoreaDSCN0527

I was super excited when my bestie from Cape Town, South Africa emailed me in 2011 to say she was going to come and visit South Korea! I was only living in Seoul for about 3 months, and I was excited to show her around the city. Luckily her visit coincided with a two day-long vacation period in March so I decided to include a visit to Busan to do something special……..(click to read more)

friDAY, 3 febrUARY 2017

Namsan Seoul Towerfeat

Namsan Tower or also known as Seoul Tower, is the iconic broadcasting station that lies atop Namsan mountain that is situated in the middle of Seoul Tower. It has now become a part of Seoul’s landscape and a major tourist attraction. The main feature of the tower are its 360 degree views of the city, so it’s best to go up on clear days……(click to read more)

saturDAY, 28 january 2017

The Hello Kitty LifestyleFEAT

In 2011, I went to the Hello Kitty and Friends’ convention in Seoul. Cute characters are serious business in Asian countries, and Korea is not an exception. Practically, everything can be made into a cute character much to my delight. It’s also appreciated and enjoyed by both adults and children…..(click to read more)

Monday, 9 January 2017

The Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoulhfcafefeat

I first spotted the Hello Kitty pink café while roaming the streets of Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea in 2011. It was my first year in Korea and I was amazed at all the amazing cute things you could buy and see. I had no idea there was even a thing such as Hello Kitty Café, but I was in Asia and this is where Hello kitty thrives much to my happiness……(click to read more)

wednesday, 9 NOVEMBER 2016

The Seoul Lotus Lantern Festivalseoullnaternfeat

In my first year in Seoul, me and my friend went to the Seoul Lantern Festival that happens in the month of November every year. Originally known as the Lotus Lantern Festival, the display is set up along the Cheonggyecheon Stream in the North of Seoul in Jongno…..(click to read more)

suNDAY, 6 november 2016

Seoul Fashion Week S/S17sfwss17

Seoul Fashion week has been gaining more and more international attention and now
ranks as high as that of the Hong Kong and Tokyo Fashion Weeks. It is undeniably one of Asia’s biggest fashion capitals…..(click to read more)

Monday, 31 october 2016

Hiking at Mount Seoraksanulsanfeat

This October, I decided to go and hike at Mount Seoraksan, a popular range of mountains on the East coast of South Korea. It is now a national park and attracts thousands of visitors daily. The mountain was named after the Autumn season and the white rocks that adorn the cliffs…..(click to read more)

tuesday, 16 august 2016

Gwangbokjeol: Korea’s Liberation DayDSC_0266

Yesterday was the Korean Liberation Day, also known as Gwangbokjeol, which in Korean means The Day the Light Returned. This day is celebrated on the 15 August in both North and South Korea and commemorates the liberation of Korea from the Japanese Imperial rule in 1945 after World War II.  South Korea, along with its allies from the U.S.A and Russia helped over throw the Japan’s colonisation….(click to read more)


Seoul, South Korea: Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace is also known as the winter palace and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city of Seoul in South Korea. The palace has been well-reserved and reconstructed a few times over the years, but it offers a great little escape into pre-modern Korea and shows you what life was like under the rule of the old Kingdoms…(click to read more)

tuesday, 14 june 2016

Shopping In Seoul

This post is actually waaaay over due! After a few years living in Korea and loads of shopping, it’s time to share the best places to get your shop on…(click to read more)


Seoul: Hongdae Uni.ade39-photogrid_1352882295327
Fashion & Art student’s Exhibition

I got to see the 2012 Art and Fashion Grads exhibition this week. I was invited by my fabulous student (who is wonderfully stylish too!) to see her sister’s final project at Hongdae’s Art Museum on the campus! ….(click to read more)

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