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Unlike South East Asia, massages and spa treatments are not a speciality in Europe and can be very pricey. You won’t get a treatment for both hot spa and a full body massage for under $20 here! I am now a student, so casually spending money for treats like massages is no longer on my agenda.

Being the lucky girl I am, I was bestowed with the lovely gift of a full spa treatment from my amazing friends for my birthday! Perfect.

a massage in paris

The average price of a massage in Paris is about 40 Euros for one hour. I went for a massage nearby my school in the 3eme when I arrived as I had some serious tension after my flight, it was good but not worth that much! I guess the prices include the high prices of rent for business here in Paris! What can you do?

My birthday gift was a voucher was for a 3 hour session with a full body massage at the fancy Aquamoon Spa in Vendome, Paris near Opera.

aquamoon spa at vendome

The staff were great, super friendly and professional and I loved the ambience of the place!

I first went and relaxed in the hot pools which were in a circular room with a big painting of a moon in the night sky above it. Afterwards, I spent some time in the steam room to relax and unwind.

I was then called by the masseuse for my massage. First, I was asked to choose from a selection of oils which I wanted for my massage. The massage was everything! Just what I needed to go into the new year!
After the massage, you get to relax and unwind in the dreamy Recovery Room. I didn’t just recover with a cup of green tea, I fell fast asleep for about an hour!

Aquamoon was great, and I defintely recommend it for those wanting a good spa treatment to unwind in Paris! On a last note, it’s not cheap and you can choose individual treatments instead of a full package. They offer other treatments such as manicures, tanning sessions and some skin treatments which looked interesting.

You can visit their website here for more info:


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  1. Paying a high price is one thing, if they don’t hit the pressure points right, that’s another thing. *sigh* Sadly, it is just one of those things that we all had to take the risk. Awesome that you have this as a gift though.

    1. Yeah, the first “cheap” massage I had that was a failure was in the 3eme. totally not worth it. If you want a good massage in France you will have to fork it out. That’s the difference between Europe & Asia, in Europe you have to pay so much for decent service, whereas in Asia you can get good quality at a variety of prices.

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