FriDAY, 30 September 2016

Iguazu Fallsigu10TITLE

In 2008, I visited Iguazu from the Argentinian side which offers the best views of waterfalls. Iguazu is a must should you visit Brazil or Argentina, it’s also an opportunity to visit the border of the Amazon and discover its beautiful nature…..(click to read more)


WEDNESDAY, 20 july 2016

Beautiful Buenos Ariesba1title

After my year in Peru, me and 2 friends decided to take a short holiday in Argentina where I was to get my flight back to Cape Town. One friend decided to take a flight from Peru, while me and another friend decided to take a bus trip across the South American continent from Lima to Buenos Aires….(click to read more)



Shopping In Buenos Aries, Argentina

After working for about one year in Peru, I took a vacation to Argentina with 2 friends. We decided to take a bus across the continent which took 3 days, as we were on a budget. It was not that comfortable, but what I saw on those 3 days traveling across that amazing continent was breathtaking…(click to read more)