Shopping In Argentina

After working for about one year in Peru, I took a vacation to Argentina with 2 friends. We decided to take a bus across the continent which took 3 days, as we were on a budget. It was not that comfortable, but what I saw on those 3 days traveling across that amazing continent was breathtaking. Seeing all sorts of terrains and climates under the scorching sun to tropical thunder storms, was worth it. I was still a freshly graduated student and I didn’t have much then. Just my traveling bag. No pc, not even a camera! I took all my pics with a those old cameras that had to be processed at the store. So I only have actual photos of that year abroad. It was 2008, so smart phones and Instagram didn’t even exist yet.

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Sydney, Australia: The Sailing City Of Oz

In 2011, I took a short holiday down under to Australia! I was based only on the East Coast and it was the opportunity to meet up with a friend of mine also vacationing in the country!

I was staying in Melbourne, but I decided to travel to another coastal city in my short time.  We decided to take a budget flight to Sydney from Melbourne to save on time.

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How Safe is your home while traveling?

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It happened to me. My flat got broken into while I was away. The situation could have easily been avoided had I taken better preventative steps to ensure the safety of my home, but I was so busy packing and unpacking for my trip while trying to get a million things sorted before I left. The flurry and excitement of leaving before a trip happens to all of us, and it’s really stressful.


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