A Beach Getaway in the Overberg

I know, I know another getaway in the Overberg in the Western Cape post from me! It is definitely my goal to explore more places and provinces in South Africa other than the Overberg, now that I am living back home. My ultimate goal being able to finally go on safari in the infamous Kruger.

However, we are lucky here in the Western Cape because it’s pretty easy to plan a last minute holiday or getaway. We are practically surrounded by beaches and mountains everywhere we go! It was the festive season and I took advantage of the holidays. Anyway, the past two years have been frantic, disappointing, challenging, amazing and full of many extreme highs and lows. I felt this was a new year to just escape and enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside in the Overberg.

Back to the basics: Elim


I have mentioned Elim in a post before. It’s actually a small farming and former missionary town that mainly houses farm workers and retired generations of elders who have lived there most of their lives in the Overberg.  Getting accommodation over the peak summer season anywhere in the Western Cape can be tricky and needs to be planned in advance. Luckily, we have family  in the dorp (small town) and can reach some of the best beaches off the East coast in the Overberg region. Everyone knows I’m a beach lover. So let’s see which seaside spots in the Overberg I got to revisit.



I was told the last time my family visited Arniston, was when I was a toddler. I obviously have no recollection of it. On my last trip in October, I didn’t make it down here so I decided to spend a day on the beaches. I also really wanted to visit the popular Waenhuiskrans Grot (Wagon house cave), but it was unfortunately high when I arrived. I think visiting the cave that faces the Indian ocean must offer some breath-taking scenes during sunset. Sadly, i didn’t get to stay that long till the next low tide. I did get to swim in the warm waters, regardless of the wind, and I was wearing my bathing costume. I was going to swim.

There are MANY accommodation chalets and holidays homes to rent out in this town. There’s also a camping grounds spot for caravans. Holiday-making and fishing are this little town’s main industries.




Die Dam

Die Dam is a popular camping spot along the coast nestled between Pearly beach and Cape Aghulas. When I say popular with locals, I mean mainly those hailing from the nearby towns. The last time I came here was in when I was 7 year old. All my aunts and uncles, along with my many cousins camped here that summer.

For some reason this festive holiday, I had family camping there at the same time we went up. We went and paid them a visit to their caravan and had a braai. I made sure to spend ample time on the beach and enjoyed the warm water, before catching up with the rest.


It brought back lots of memories, and I found walking through the camp reminding me of the spaces I had once walked many, many years ago.

Why a getaway in the Overberg? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. Sunsets:

    The one thing I love about the countryside along the Western Cape, are its epic sunsets. The clean, unpolluted skies make for a picturesque sunset anywhere over the farm, hills, mountains or beach. The cloud formations alone are unreal.

  2. The beaches:

    The Overberg lies on the eastern shores, meaning warm, turquoise waters to enjoy from the Indian Ocean.

  3. Fresh food:

    You are amongst farms and fishing villages. The food here is much cheaper than the city, fresher and amazing. You have your pick. Seafood along the coast or a variety of dishes inland at the many padstals (road stalls or restaurants), amazing choice of wines at the vineyards or in the little towns. You won’t go hungry.

  4. Tranquillity:

    I cannot emphasise the peace and quiet out here. The fresh air and scenery will leave you refreshed and at peace. Everything is at a slow pace.

  5. History:

    These sleepy towns are also seeped in deep history that have come to define the Cape and the rest of South Africa. From the first European ships to have sailed across the bays, slaves being brought in along the shores and a wealth of stories of the indigenous people that lived on these lands. There are plenty of small museums, caves and places to learn more about South Africa’s history and beginning as a country.

Want to know other cool seaside spots to visit in the Overberg region? Then read:

5 chilled stops to visit along the Overberg, Western Cape

Ok, that was my holiday getaway. Where did you spend yours?

Safe travels,


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24 thoughts on “A Beach Getaway in the Overberg

  1. Overberg sounds exactly like my kind of place for a getaway! I love the idea of having a vacation spot a short distance away. Sometimes quick escapes are the best way to relax and recharge!

  2. Arniston is beautiful – there I said it. The coastal cliffs and the waves are calling my name. That would be my first pit stop when I explore this region. I also love the farm houses at Elim. That looks like the places where we spend our summers in with the family at the farm. It inspires a sense of nostalgia and looks like such a peaceful town to explore!

  3. This is such a wonderful post, and I’m also envious that you get to spend your holidays there! It’s freezing where I am, and would swap in a heartbeat! You sold me on Overberg, just for those clean sandy beaches, and fresh food!

  4. You are so lucky to live near beaches and mountains. I too live near a beach but if I need to get to mountains or really take a trip somewhere new, then I have to travel atleast a day to enjoy. I have few family friends from South Africa and they always rave about its beauty 🙂

  5. I cannot believe how bad my knowledge of the cities and towns in South Africa is. Yes I haven’t been there but I haven’t even heard of most of the places that you’re referring to here. I love beach getaway and Overberg certainly looks like the sort of place I would’ve enjoyed visiting, thanks for broadening my knowledge about SA!

  6. I know that South Africa is very well-known all over the world and there are a lot of posts about Cape town, Kruger NP etc but I have never stumble upon a post about Overberg! It was fun reading as these places as Arniston and Die Dam were unknown to me. We are camper kind of family so the Die dam camping would definitely be something for me! I hope that you will get to explore more of South Africa now when you are moving back there!

  7. Overberg looks so peaceful and beautiful place for relaxed vacation. I loved the clear turquoise waters of Indian Ocean with perfect tranquility. I never knew of Overberg, but this town is beautiful with colorful roofs of houses and chalets.

  8. It’s been a long while since I was last in the Overberg region. Sometimes I feel as though I should move from Joburg to Cape Town for a few months and explore all these beautiful places in-depth. I love sleepy little towns, fishing villages and epic sunsets. Hope you get to visit Kruger soon. It’s one of my favourite places in SA.

  9. South Africa is an amazing country that I deffo want to explore more of. I’ve never heard of Overberg but glad you shared it with us. Those beaches look stunning and a real treat for you if you are just around the corner. Lucky. 😉

  10. Lovely introduction to South Africa, aside from the usual sights of safaris and natural reserves! The peace and tranquility of the beaches are really alluring 🙂 Would love to visit the Overberg for a getaway soon!

  11. I would love to stay at such a place surrounded by beaches and mountains. Visiting places where you once went in your childhood give a different kind of high. Sorry to know that you weren’t able to visit the house cave at Arniston but the beach itself seems so beautiful. Sunsets are the single most reason I like to visit west coasts in India than the east coasts. I love to see the colors blend. Thanks for sharing the lovely travel guide to Overberg beaches.

  12. I never even heard of this place and now eventually when I get to South Africa and this area, I want to check it out. Loving the beach captures and you have really sold me on this place 🙂

  13. There are some really beautiful places you’ve covered in this post! I’ve not seen nearly enough of South Africa as I would like and Overberg and its beaches look incredible! A wonderful read 🙂

  14. Beach trips? I am always in. A beach getaway in Overberg definitely looks like a good idea. Love the pristine blue waters and good break from safaris and wildlife that SA is famous for. Would love to visit.

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