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suNDAY, 2 july 2017

Innisfree: Super Volcanic Clay Mask


Humidity and extreme heat in the Seoul’s busy urban landscape can take it’s toll on your skin. A few hours out in the muggy heat, with high pollution levels and sweat can make way for problem skin to get out of hand. We all have our skin routines for every season and  I like to change at least one thing or try something new……..(click to read more)


Korean Beauty: My 5 best brands and a booming industryfeat

The cosmetics industry in South Korea is serious business and the Korean beauty market has surpassed its other neighbouring competitors in Asia. In fact, its global presence is growing stronger. There are many brands in Korea, in fact too many to list in one blog post, that are with visiting and stocking up your beauty counter with. I will give you my short list of the best brands and my favourite products from them!…….(click to read more)


Dragon Hill Spafeat

Over my years living in Seoul, I have always heard about the famous Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. On doing a search, I saw beautiful interiors with multi-levels of spas offering a a variety of treatments. I got a bad knot in my trapeze muscle, and decided to treat myself to a good massage at the ultimate jimjilbang in Seoul after my Korean class…….(click to read more)

Monday, 23 January 2017

Lipstick Splurge at The Face Shop20170112_121059

I haven’t done a beauty post in a while. In fact, I have been slacking off on doing posts over the last few months. However, I am trying to make 1 post a week from this year on! As you all know, I love goodies from Korea. Shopping for make-up and beauty products is an amazing experience…(click to read more)


hot stone
Best Spa Treatments in Asia

If there’s one thing I love it’s a good massage. Since
living in Asia for almost 3 years, I have had the luxury of being spoilt by getting to try out all the amazing relaxation therapies an treatments offered on this side of the globe!…(click to read more)



The Aquamoon Spa Day In Paris

Now, how can I go to a country and NOT have a massage? Unlike South East Asia, massages ad spa treatments are not a speciality in Europe and can be very pricey. You won’t get a treatment for both hot spa and a full body massage for under $20 here!…(click to read more)


Top 10 Daily Beauty Essentials for Summer 2016
South Africa’s summers are harsh and very dry. This can seriously affect your skin,
especially if it’s sensitive on the face! I have a horrid combination of both very sensitive and oily in the centre, while dry around the face. Not cute at all, but that’s reality. I’ve put together my top skin essentials for this summer from the best beauty products for the both face and body…(click to read more)


Rimmel Match Perfection

Liquid foundation, for me, is an essential part of my make-up routine. I’m not blessed with perfect skin, and liquid foundation serves as the quick cover-up solution when leaving the house. It also serves as an essential foundation layer before applying your powder foundation!…(click to read more)


Hello Kitty For Coco Amor

I had to share this amazing packaging of the Hello Kitty perfume I bought in Japan at Sanrio World in Ginza, Tokyo. I love how the box opens up into an actual room!…(click to read more)