Beautiful Boracay

Boracay is a little island situated within The Philippines’ archipelago. I decided to take a 2-week vacation to two different destinations over the festive season. Boracay was my first stop.


I went with a group of friends, and we decided to book our accommodation online. I am always a budget traveler, and prefer to spend my money on experiences and mainly outdoor activities. This could be said for the rest of the group I was traveling with too. In the end we opted for a hotel called Boracay Haven. We got our reservation confirmations and also organised airport pick up.

I arrived from freezing cold South Korea, so I had to stand in the small hot and sticky Kalibo airport with thick clothes. I then also got a distressed message from my friend saying that the hotel we booked in (Boracay Haven) was not even a complete building yet and construction was still happening! Not what you want to hear when you’ve just landed on a hot island, dressed for winter at a slow airport the size of a beach hut bar!

In the end they offered us accommodation with an associated hotel on Station 2, called The Real Maris. The hotel tried to get us pay the extra fee for this accommodation but my friend was firm that was a big NO!, as this mess up was definitely not any fault of ours. Major EEEURGH! Moment right?

 The Real Maris was actually really nice. It was spacious, with a nice bathroom and situated in the centre of all the restaurants. It had really nice breakfasts and it had a swimming pool.



Firstly, let’s go into my favorite part of a holiday…MASSAGES! As usual, I made sure I got one every morning. I did the regular massage and then opted for a 2-hour hot stone massage that totally relaxes the back and upper body. The hot stones weren’t as hot as expected, but very relaxing instead.




I brought out my bargaining skills for all activities we decided to go on. We did snorkeling, and even though I had a bit of trouble with the choppy waters, that didn’t take away the fact that the views under the sea was amazing with blue and multi-coloured corals, and pretty little fish swimming below.


Cliff Jumping

On this activity you get taken to another little island with cascading cliffs of different heights where you can jump off. There are life guards in the water should anything go wrong. This event was actually quite value for money, as you will spend a good few hours there. You get the return boat ride, a BBQ, snacks and free drinks whole day such as water and Coke. You can also take a canoe and paddle around the island area as well.

Sunset Cruises

The boats are available in the island’s little bay situated near all the hotels on the beach. You can haggle for the price, and take a relaxing little cruise at sunset in the bay before dinner.

The Parties

The parties and clubs were all situated along the beach fronts, but these parties only picked up until after 11pm and go on into the mornings. Drinks are quite cheap



7f435-dscn2405The Food


To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the food on the island. We went to buffets and a few restaurants, but they were somewhat mediocre. The interiors were all lovely though and as usual you get the fire dancing shows on the beach. Prices were good though and catered for all budgets.


The Beaches

Finally, the most important part of a beach vacation is the actual beach! I give Boracay Beach a full 10 out 10! The island is beautiful, and the stretch of white sands and palms was amazing. The waters were clear and the beach was well maintained with good security which made it safe to leave your belongings behind while you go for a swim. The water temperatures were perfect as well, and I loved how near and comfortable things were.

My holiday in Boracay was really fun, and I loved that there was so much to do and see. I wish I could have seen more of The Philippines, but I only had one week and a tight budget until my next stop in Bali, Indonesia. The island caters for all tastes and is ideal for solo travelers and families looking to explore or simply just relax.


Travel Tips

  • Bargain. No seriously, you need to do this when you want to use a service for the many activities on the beach on offer. There are many of these guys standing on the beach front offering their services and will lower the price.
  • Boracay’s actual town is small, and we noticed not much happening in the streets behind the beach front. So preferbly stay near the beach.
  • It seems there was no real way of avoiding the reservation snarfu we experienced, but stand your ground when the hotel messes up and make sure nothing comes out of your pocket for their mistake.
  • You will need to change your money at the airport. So preferably bring dollars with, just in case there is no ATM available.
  • If you’re coming from a cold country, please pack in summer clothes in your carry-on bag. This airport is slow and basic, and you will be waiting a long time.

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8 thoughts on “Beautiful Boracay

  1. Friends of mine have recently been here, and seeing their pictures it looked so spectacular that I put on my list for next 10 places I want to visit. Now reading through this post, it’s just cemented it as a place I have to visit very soon 😀

  2. I love the detail you give in this post, so many very useful tips to action when I visit Boracay! I love how brutally honest you are about the food not being fantastic and the town being quiet. But as you say the beaches do look incredible which still makes it worthwhile to visit but with my expectations accordingly adjusted. Many thanks for sharing your real opinions!

  3. One of my favourite places I’ve visited, and just paradise too! The beaches are great, and good for you for standing your ground with the hotel. I also LOVE massages too, and OD on them when I go to south-east Asia!

  4. I remember being in Bali and the massages were one of my favorite parts as well. I would end my day with one almost every single day!! Never heard of this little island but I am a sucker for adventure so snorkeling and cliff jumping are right up my alley! It’s beautiful there.

  5. Absolutely beautiful location. I will be heading to Thailand in a couple weeks and will definitely have to make a detour now. I am a huge fan of anywhere that has beautiful beaches, and relaxation. This place looks like a total “must go” trip.

  6. Boracay looks like a fun beach destination. I would prefer to go for Sunset cruises, as I love to watch sunsets. Cliff jumping and snorkeling are also fun activities here. Thanks for sharing all vital information about this place.

  7. Philippines has been on my list for long now. I have been craving for a beach vacation for months now. Dying to escape the Irish weather. You seemed to have had an awesome time. Hope to make it to Philippines soon.

  8. Boracay island looks like the perfect vacation spot. For rating the beaches 10/10, I want to visit. I love the idea of sunset cruises, and the hot stone massage is all I need. Glad you had nice time in Boracay, I’ve read so much positive raves about the Island.

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