Cape Town: Mugg & Bean

One day, me and a friend decided to go out for lunch in Claremont. We couldn’t make up our minds and so chose the old faithful Mugg & Bean.
Mugg & Bean’s food has always been yummy and has never failed to impress thus far. It’s a small cafe/restaurant that offers baked goods, breakfasts and main meals for all times of the day. They beverage selection has always been good, and during winter you can expect to find the most interesting and delicious hot beverages such as the red velvet hot drink.

This was a summers day, so we wanted to get something light yet fulfilling. I opted for the new special Sriracha Salad, that serves two chicken breasts in spicy seasoning with pineapple rings, green peppers, red and spring onion, tomatoes, avo and lettuce. I love the Sriracha spice, it was really delicious and the onions really complimented it overall.

To drink, I opted for my usual fave at Mugg & Bean, a spicy Chai tea latte!

Overall, if you love spicy like me but also want something light, this is your salad!

Check out the website and full menu:

Bon apetit


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