Iguazu Falls

Sigh…there is just nothing as amazing as Mother Nature herself. Iguazu Falls is truly one of those breath-taking places to see nature in all its glory and majestical power. The falls form part of the Amazon River that runs throughout the Amazon Jungle and across South America.

In 2008, I visited Iguazu from the Argentinian side which offers the best views of waterfalls. Iguazu is a must should you visit Brazil or Argentina, it’s also an opportunity to visit the border of the Amazon and discover its beautiful nature.

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Beautiful Buenos Aires

After my year in Peru, me and 2 friends decided to take a short holiday in Argentina where I was to get my flight back to Cape Town. One friend decided to take a flight from Peru, while me and another friend decided to take a bus. The bus trip would take us across the South American continent from Lima to Buenos Aires.

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Shopping In Argentina

After working for about one year in Peru, I took a vacation to Argentina with 2 friends. We decided to take a bus across the continent which took 3 days, as we were on a budget. It was not that comfortable, but what I saw on those 3 days traveling across that amazing continent was breathtaking. Seeing all sorts of terrains and climates under the scorching sun to tropical thunder storms, was worth it. I was still a freshly graduated student and I didn’t have much then. Just my traveling bag. No pc, not even a camera! I took all my pics with a those old cameras that had to be processed at the store. So I only have actual photos of that year abroad. It was 2008, so smart phones and Instagram didn’t even exist yet.

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