A Trip to Mount Fuji

I did a trip to Japan in 2013. I specifically went in the beginning of April as that was the time of the famous Sakura Festival at Mount Fuji. I was staying in Tokyo, and Mount Fuji is about a 3 hour drive away from the city. The festival and blooming of the cherry blossoms are very specific to these two weeks in April. I was so intent on capturing those photos of the scenery.

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Puroland, Sanrio’s Themepark

In 2013, I took a holiday to Japan! I had planned this trip out pretty well, as I knew that it would be expensive and I needed to make my priorities!
Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an absolute Hello Kitty fan. I have been to all Hello Kitty conventions and events in Seoul, and now it was time to make the pilgrimage to her REAL house in Puroland.

Hello Kitty’s House or village is a fun theme indoor park situated just on the edge of Tokyo at Tama Centre. It takes about an hour to get there from central Tokyo.I was as happy as anyone could get! In fact, it was my first stop after landing in Tokyo!


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Going Geisha in Tokyo

If you go to a far away and super expensive place with limited time, do things that are unique and that cannot be done anywhere else.

I planned to see Hello Kitty’s house, Mt. Fuji, the cherry blossoms in Spring, Harajuku and to dress up as a Geisha!I planned this activity 2 months in advance. There are various studios offering different packages where they dress you up, do the make-up and have a professional photo shoot in a studio and outside. This all depends on the studios.I did the whole package with the indoor professional shoot and outdoors by the main temple in Asakusa with printed pics etc.
They even had some pics of previous celeb clients who also came and did this fun experience while in Japan(like my fave glam Queen Betsy Johnson!!).

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Harajuku Heaven

Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the fashion capitals of the world. Before the uprise of other Asian fashion capitals, Tokyo was the first to set it’s own unique style and have conceived many famous designers and brands even up till now.
Tokyo is full of hot spots, each with a fashion speciality that will spoil the avid shopper and fashionista. I went one Sunday afternoon to check out Harajuku. Harajuku is famous of it’s over top fashion led by Tokyo’s trendy youth with famous styles such as Harajuku girl, the Goth-Lolita and cosplay gatherings.

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