Merry Melbourne City


On my visit to Australia in 2011, I stayed in Melbourne city for a few days. The city itself had a real vibrant bohemian vibe to it that was lively and busy. I was staying in the nearby suburb of Fitzroy, which had great trams to reach into the city centre in less than 20 minutes.


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Cape Town: Mugg & Bean

One day, me and a friend decided to go out for lunch in Claremont. We couldn’t make up our minds and so chose the old faithful Mugg & Bean.
Mugg & Bean’s food has always been yummy and has never failed to impress thus far. It’s a small cafe/restaurant that offers baked goods, breakfasts and main meals for all times of the day. They beverage selection has always been good, and during winter you can expect to find the most interesting and delicious hot beverages such as the red velvet hot drink.

This was a summers day, so we wanted to get something light yet fulfilling. I opted for the new special Sriracha Salad, that serves two chicken breasts in spicy seasoning with pineapple rings, green peppers, red and spring onion, tomatoes, avo and lettuce. I love the Sriracha spice, it was really delicious and the onions really complimented it overall.

To drink, I opted for my usual fave at Mugg & Bean, a spicy Chai tea latte!

Overall, if you love spicy like me but also want something light, this is your salad!

Check out the website and full menu:

Bon apetit

Quay 4 at The Waterfront, Cape Town

Cape Town has some of the best offerings in seafood, after all it is a coastal city surrounded by two huge oceans. The Waterfront is one of the city’s most forefront tourist attractions, with millions of tourists flocking to this large mall and entertainment centre every year.

You can find just about any fun activity to do at The Waterfront, but what makes it one of the best places to visit is getting to indulge in it’s many amazing gourmet world class restaurants! Since it’s big renovation, most restaurants offer amazing views and cater for those wanting a more quite and cozy scene.

I preferably love those outside with beautiful views of the harbour and Table Mountain! So for a birthday, we decided to go the evening and dine at Quay 4.

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Best Supermarkets In South Africa

Best Supermarkets In South Africa

I’ve been all over the world, and I still think South Africa has the best to offer in terms of gastronomical delights, from the produce sold in super markets to vast array of restaurants across the land.

Perhaps, Im just being biased as it’s my home country and quiet nothing does it like food from your native country. However, I will say that each country does have it’s own special dishes that South Africa or any other country cannot replace for all in the world.

In this post, I’ll focus on all the best supermarkets to get your best quality groceries around town.

1. Pick ‘n Pay

Pick ‘n Pay is just another large supermarket that hails supreme among the suburbs. Their produce is really good, and caters for the large family or one person. I especially like their selection of fruits and vegetables, especially their pre-packaged Crisp Summer Lettuce which lasts me a week to make my salads.

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They also have a wider selection of international brands and products, and the best bakery. Their pies are the best and come at best value. The stores are also well-laid out and lit and pleasure to shop in.

2. Checkers

Checker has the best meats selection. Their pepper steak beef burgers are a winner. Their white meats are just as excellent, and the spice skewered chicken wings are my fave!

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Checker’s also offers great value for money with an okay setting and environment for shoppers. You can score great deals on snacks here too.

3. Food Lovers Market

Originally starting out as a wholesale grocers called Fruit & Veg, Food lovers still supplies a big variety of groceries at low prices. It now also boasts, ready-made foods, a buffet, a bakery and meat section. It also has an in-house restaurant/coffee shop too.

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The layout since the beginning has majorly improved, making a trip to this supermarket fun.

4. Woolworths Food

Woolworths has been around since the 1930s, and its concept is based on England’s Marks & Spencer and the very same Woolworths found in Australia.

The food from Woolworths is really good, however don’t expect to find bargain deals in these aisles. They do offer a unique range of high quality foods and their ready-made meals and bakery is excellent.

Woolies food focuses on high quality using local produce from South Africa. I love their cupcakes and snacks selection. They offer more unique products compared to others.

5. Shoprite

Shoprite is where you can get all your produce and various other products at super low prices. Shopping in Shoprite isn’t anything to write home about, but that’s part of their low price strategy. Their aisles are meant for 2 trollies side by side, but in reality only fits one.

Be prepared to get up close and personal with your fellow shoppers while getting those incredible bargains on those amazing goods!

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Note: Shoprite’s prices are really good, so it’s always full especially on weekends and over holiday season. Be prepared!

All supermarkets use produce and goods made and farmed in South Africa. In fact, our selection at mini-marts and supermarkets are the biggest I’ve encountered anywhere in the world and with great value to top it off.

Happy shopping!

The Annual Manga And Sci-Fi Convention in Paris 2014

So a few weeks back I attended the annual Manga and Science-Fiction convention held in Paris, France. Best thing was that it wasn’t too far away from my home, and I could easily walk down to the event.

It was full of cosplay and comic book enthusiasts who flocked by the masses.

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