David Bowie Is…at the Philharmonie de Paris

I LOVE David Bowie. All who know me know this. He is also one of my fave and biggest fashion and music icons! So, on this chilly Spring day, I ventured across Paris with my friends to go to the Philharmonie De Paris to see the current David Bowie exhibition.

the philharmonie

The Philharmonie is pretty interesting itself, and has this super cool design and beneath it lies a roof with many little steels pins on the ceiling inside and outside.




the exhibition

The exhibition was interesting, and the layout and interiors were really interesting. It showed Bowie’s growth as an artists from the 60s to the present. They had some of his most famous costumes he performed in.

Bowie’s make-up and fashion has always been fabulous through his androgynous, gender bending expression through art and musical performance.

There are several interviews with as you move across the room and some of his artworks and personal letters. At the end of the exhibit, you can chill in a really cool room, filled with different visuals from floor to ceiling of Bowie’s famous performances all paying at once.


The Exhibition runs till the end of May on at the Philharmonie, and I strongly suggest you try and go in the week. The weekend is packed and you will be waiting for more than 1 hour. Do take a pair of headphones, they enhance the experience as you move through the rooms, they aren’t just filled with info.

It was a celebration of artistic expression, music, art and fashion.
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