“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.”


Having literally been thrown to all four corners of our amazing planet, I have come to appreciate over time the amazing world we live in. I had never planned on becoming a nomad. I had preferred to rather be a well-seasoned traveller. However, that was not the plan for me, travel continues to be the inconsistent consistency in my life with welcome and not so welcome surprises around the corner.

One of the unique things people who leave and make home abroad have to deal with are extremities. By this I mean when you live outside of your home and comfort zone, you deal with drama and experiences that are not always mild in nature. Sometimes, it’s as if things that go right can go VERY right, and things that go wrong, go as wrong as they could possibly go!


Perhaps it’s because of all the changes you go through, or how you process change, or perhaps the entire situation of being in a new environment, country or culture. Whatever it is, it has a lot to do with a personal change of ones mindset.

Whether you’ve experienced extreme loss or extreme gains through living abroad, these are all a result of extreme risk. Let’s face it, living abroad is a big risk and an extreme choice to make in the first place.

Let’s also keep in mind…extreme ups and downs can also make you extremely strong!

Safe journeys



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