A New Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae

While walking about the streets of Hongdae recently, I noticed that the Hello Kitty Cafe was not longer in its usual alley way off the busy shopping street. However, further down  towards the university campus, I was surprised to find a large gate entrance with the Hello Kitty Cafe insignia and logo on the front. This cafe got one serious upgrade! So I’ll share some of the pictures in this post!

The Courtyard

On entering I walked into a large front garden that led to a OTT pink and white house, which was the new Hello kitty Cafe. The garden boasted a sculpture, photo booths and cute benches.

The Interior

The cafe itself is not a 2-storey house with a much larger interior for customers to enjoy Hello Kitty’s world.

New Additions

They now have a separate section for the gift store and a Hello Kitty bedroom interior design concept. It’s a coffee ad dessert shop and they still sell a limited selection of sweets and nonsense, so I just went in for the pictures. Hello Kitty likes sweets……not me.



It’s still the same concept, but it’s popularity has definitely grown since I first wandered in to the cafe in 2011! The new place is still worth checking out, especially with the new interiors! Stunning!!!

In my next post I will visit the latest Hello kitty experience… the Hello Kitty Island on Jeju!!!

Keep your travels cute!




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