Fashion and Art Graduate Student’s Exhibition (Hongdae Univ.) 2012

In 2012, I got to see the Art and Fashion Grads exhibition in Seoul. I was invited by a student to see her sister’s final project being showcased at Hongdae’s Art Museum on the campus!

I’ve never actually went to the university, the location is popular for partying, shopping and clubbing and that’s all I had ever went to Hongdae for.



Here’s pics of some of her sister’s work which consisted of some cool prints, fabrics and bags at the exhibition:


Here are some other works by the graduates at the exhibition. My battery died so I didn’t get to take pics of the fashion. Some works were amazing.


These two were my favorites:
This work was done in nylon with a plastic sculpture beneath the stretched fabric. So it actually comes out of the frame. Beautiful!


I loved this ‘Bed of skin’, in fact you could actually sleep on it. It’s made of different types of foam. How tempting to pluck!


South Korea’s fashion industry is a booming one, and the shopping experience has been an uncontested one. Many students have the opportunity to learn about fashion design, manufacturing, textile development and the business aspect of the industry. Most of the courses are in Korean, but there are apparently courses in English to allow foreign students to benefit from the what Korea has to offer. The exhibition is open to the public, so look out for it on their website at: