I Tried Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have been on my to do list for a long time. I love the look of thick lashes. Who doesn’t? Full lashes can create a romantic depth to the eyes. Also, if you have small eyes like me they can accentuate the shape and make them look more prominent.

In the past, I have been lucky enough to have mastered the skill of false eyelashes that you apply with glue. Of course, I would only put these on when going out on weekend and on special occasions. Many had complimented that they even thought it was natural! My go to brand in Cape Town is always Eyelure, which can be bought at Clicks. However, applying them does take some extra time. For many it’s too much of a hassle.

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Eyelash extensions became super popular a few years ago. Used by the famous Kardashians, eyelash extensions became the must have beauty procedure worldwide. My friends had all done eyelash extensions already, and now I wanted to finally try it out too. So last month, I did it here in Cape Town. Here’s my experience.

My eyes

Ok, first know that my eyes are super sensitive. In harsh lighting, they tend to water immediately or when I concentrate too long on the screen. This tearing tends to also get caught in my natural eyelashes, but they give no problems.



I also have to choose my eyeliner and eye make-up products wisely, as they can cause burning. I also avoid wearing eye pencil or make up on my bottom eyelid. This is the most sensitive area. Make-up around my eyes ALWAYS smudge, especially on the ultra-sensitive lower lids. Seeing as the eyelash extensions are only done on the top lashes, I knew it wouldn’t cause any serious problems.

Where did I get my eyelash extensions done?

Through numerous recommendations from my homies, I was directed to Pure Indulgence Beauty Salon nearby in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town! Bernadette, the owner and beautician of all the fab treatments is one busy lady. She has her salon in her home. You can find out more on her social media here.

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Bernadette from Pure Indulgenz beauty Salon @pureindulgenzbeautysalon


I won’t lie I was a tad bit nervous, after all I am letting someone work near my friggin’ eyeballs!


I had to first wait until the glue was heated before commencing. Once that was done, all I have to do was lie down while Bernadette skilfully applies the eyelash extensions.

What’s the process?

Well, it will depends what style of eyelash extensions you want. Many just look for longer lashes, where I don’t relay want length, but rather volume. Thicker lashes are obviously more expensive, as the beautician will have to add more.
The eyelash extensions will be glued to your natural lashes. So depending how many natural lashes you have on your lid, will affect the outcome and look of the extensions.


The glue itself used for the eyelash extensions isn’t regular glue you can buy in the shop. It’s a special glue that is safe for your eyes and skin, but also contains its own amount of chemicals.

Eventually, I fell fast asleep. I had been out early in the morning at the beach, as I always am in the summer here in Cape Town.

How long is it supposed to last?

Two weeks. Others have said theirs lasted for as long as a month if you are super careful with them and avoid them getting wet too often.

The price

It’s expensive. Of course this depends on what look you’re going for. In Cape Town, it can costs anywhere between R500 to R800. With touch ups every week or fortnight.

So? What was the outcome?

Hmmm…..it looked great and it did actually add that depth. However, it definitely didn’t look 100% natural. It looked naturally fuller from above, but looking straight on it looked like I had simply….well….extended my current eyelashes. Hence the name eyelash extensions…duh!

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Naturally thick or long lashes have natural spacing between the follicles, so I felt the false lashes looked more authentic.

How did it affect my sensitive eyes?

I can tell you that it was not comfortable. After the initial fluttery fun from the first day, my sensitive watery eyes simply made catching dust and dirt in the eyelash extensions worse. Waiting in the infamous Cape Town traffic in the sun’s glare (yes, I wear sunglasses) made it worse. Half way through the day, my eyes started to burn and feel irritable.

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At night, I had to take wet cotton wool or a bud and gently clean my lids individually to remove all the collected dust and dirt from the day. Of course, this caused the lashes to fall out excessively. I also could not just wipe my face and eyes with a towel like I always do as I had to be careful for the eyelash extensions.

How long did it last me?

Much shorter than two week as a result of my sensitive eyes. The overall irritability and the constant careful cleaning. It is what it is. I tried wearing make-up on the top lid one evening, but it didn’t help and it smudged.

Will I do it again?

Hmmmm….probably not..or at least any time soon. For now I’ll stick to my falsies at Clicks. At least they can come off at night and in my case they are more hygienic for my sensitive peepers.

My friends who don’t have the same amount of eye issues as me do it regularly and have had no problems. It’s pretty good for going to an event and there’s no pain. In my case, a trip to Clicks will have to suffice. However, I got my small lashed eyes on a new product in the market. I’ll keep you posted!



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  1. I tried lash extensions and I managed to remove them on day 3. I didn’t like the feeling of them! They irritated my eyes and I couldn’t wash my eyes properly because of the restrictions. I’m glad I did try them though. Now I just stick to mascara. 😛

    1. wow, day 3! Yeah, i was pretty amazed how much dust our eyelashes actually collect. There’s a new lash product n the market that i’m keen to try. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

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