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So I’m still a bit Jeju obsessed. My Spring weekend on the amazing volcanic island of South Korea has left me daydreaming of it even more, now that the hot sticky summer of Korea has hit the country full force.

Summer skin in Korea

Humidity and extreme heat in the Seoul’s busy urban landscape can take it’s toll on your skin. A few hours out in the muggy heat, with high pollution levels and sweat can make way for problem skin to get out of hand. We all have our skin routines for every season and  I like to change at least one thing or try something new.



Innisfree is one of South Korea’s major beauty and cosmetic stores, and you can find one of these ivy leaf covered stores in just about every city in Korea. Innisfree’s product range prides itself as being 100% local made and uses all natural ingredients from Jeju Island. In my previous post on my trip to Jeju, I talk about the island’s beautiful natural environment dominated by lush green vegetation and mineral rich volcanic rock and sea.

The island is fresh as there is not much commercial industry and manufacturing on the island, so the air is always clean. Instead, it’s main industry is farming and nowadays tourism.

Innisfree’s product range caters for various skin types and problems, and there is even something for the guys. The biggest sellers are the Jeju Volcanic clay masks to clean pores and Volcanic sea mineral products and  skin solutions.

For some reason the deep dark brown volcanic soil and rocks all over the island really fascinated me.  Maybe its because I’m from South Africa where the natural soil and vegetation is usually dry, giving it dull, stark colours. The deep greens and browns on Jeju contrasted with the sea made a beautiful and natural palette.


Jeju’s  Super Volcanic Clay Face Mask

There are a variety of skin products from the Volcano range. The Super Volcanic range was introduced this year and is the best seller. For only KRW 8, 0000 ($US 8/R80) for a small tub, I decided to take this one. I was considering taking the foam, which might be less messy than the clay tub, but went with the clay anyway.

The Jeju Super Volcanic Clay Mask is best used in the evenings after your clean your make-up off. It’s great for clearing out pores from excess make-up and sweat from the day. Summers in Korea, especially in the city, are muggy and you will sweat.

Use after 3 weeks

I was very excited to use the product at first. I use it after I’ve cleared the make-up and used my facial cleanser. My skin does feel a bit more radiant as it offers a good bit of moisture through the night. However, it hasn’t stopped breakouts from happening. A friend of mine said the product changed her skin for the better when I posted a picture of it on Facebook. Is it a serious solution to clear pores? No….at least not for me. .

I give Innisfree’s Jeju Super Volcanic Mask a 7 out of 10!

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4 thoughts on “Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Mask

  1. Wow, that place looks amazing! Theres also an island called inisfree off the coast of Ireland! Ive heard a lot about that brand and actually thought they were Irish. I once had a perfume called that. Must try the mask

  2. It looks like a beautiful island to visit. I have tried a few facemasks before but never this one, not sure if they help or not. Maybe you need to use them regularly to see the benefits though.

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