Kalk Bay Harbour

Kalk Bay harbour lies on the East Coast of the Cape Peninsula and lies in the False Bay Gulf. Growing up in Cape Town, Kalk Bay has always been a great post for watching seals, eating out and watching the fishermen come in with the catch of the day. The harbour walks also offer relaxing views of the ocean and a nice break away from the city. Let’s discover more about this small spot in the Cape.


Kalk Bay or Kalkbaai was once a small fishing village of the False Bay coast, but has now become a suburb on the Cape Peninsula. Kalk is Afrikaans/Dutch for lime and refers to the large amounts of mussel shells found off the coast that settlers used to burn and make lime. The lime was later used for construction purposes.


The mountains here also house unique caves and there are few spots to have a steep hike up to enjoy the nature. I know there is a Bat Cave up along the popular Jacob’s Ladder walk here somewhere too. Jacob’s Ladder is a steep flight of stairs hat takes you up the mountain.

Today Kalk Bay is one of the main harbours on the peninsula’s coastline with many entertainment and restaurant areas that dot the main road.

How to get there

Kalk Bay is accessible by metro which runs from the main Cape Town city centre along the coastline. I also accessible by bus and car along the main road and Boyes Drive.

The harbour

The harbour is undoubtedly the main attraction of the area. Many fishing boats line the quay and it’s always busy with fishermen hauling the catch of the day in. Fresh fish can also be bought on the spot for a really good price.

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There are a few seafood restaurants right on the harbour and cater for all budgets and dining experiences.
You can always be sure to catch the Cape Fur seals frolicking in the bay or on the walk hoping for a free fish from the fishermen.

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Almost everyone likes to walk along the stone Harbour up to the lighthouse and take in the views. On stormy days, you can see the huge waves crash on the harbour walk. They make for great photo opportunities



You can take boat rides and even go shark cage diving or watch the shark feed off the coast from Kalk Bay. The boat will take you out to Seal Island located in the middle of False Bay and you can witness some of the Great Whites have breakfast of one of the seals.

You can enjoy the natural pools around the area too. There little beach inlet at the harbour is usually packed to max in summer. There is a great surf spot too off the rocks around the corner from the harbour.


The food options in Kalk bay are amazing. Some of the best seafood restaurants can be found in this little area. You can find just about anything along the main road. At the harbour you can pick any of the 3 seafood restaurants and have a generous portion of fish and chips. Kalkies fish shop has been around forever, and has great seafood dishes for as little as R55 (around $5USD)! There two other restaurants nearby too. So good.

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One popular restaurant that is popular with locals all year long is the Brass Bell. The Brass Bell is situated right on the beach front and accessible through the metro underground walkway. You can order anything from chai tea latte, fresh salad, pizza to seafood. They have a bar serving a big selection of wines, cocktails and beers too. There is even a natural sea pool among the tables. It’s perfect.

For the evening, the more upbeat Cape To Cuba bar and restaurant continues to be the most popular spot. They have awesome cocktail deals here in the weekday.

Kalk bay Main Road

Kalk Bay Main road has become a buzz with activity over the past few years. You can find a few clothing boutiques and second hand stores along the road. There are quite a few museums to browse in too. The main attraction for me personally, are the amazing restaurants and cool vibe the area has.

There is also plenty of accommodation hotels and BnBs for visitors who want a relaxing stay at the beach.

Kalk Bay is pretty cool, and just a fun spot to get good food and relax by the beach. It’s definitely a place to spend an afternoon in no matter what the weather is like!

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54 thoughts on “Kalk Bay Harbour

  1. Oh, I love the harbor. You say that you’re used to eating out here, watching fishermen? Sounds like the place I’d go to every single day. 😀 And how interesting it is that you stumbled upon seals. I mean, coming from Europe, this sounds totally “exotic” for me, like a little perk of the place. Enjoyed the post, thanks! 🙂

  2. Very nice seaside town! We love it that seals would just come romping around without a care. Hehehe! Do they allow scuba diving/shark diving (e.g. scuba divers placed in a cage) there? We would love to see Great Whites in the wild.

  3. Thanks for all of the great information. So much packed into one article. I bet the seafood is amazing, and I can’t believe the low prices. That’s crazy!

  4. I love how the fishermen still use the harbor and hasn’t been overwhelmed with tourism, also who can deny fresh seafood! The textures and moodiness of the harbour walk is fantastic and like you said, it would make for some amazing pictures with the waves. Since I’m a visual person, thanks for including all these images to help the narration!

  5. Kalkies fish shop would be the first stop on the visit, it looks so good! Now I’ve learned that kalk means lime in Afrikaans, thanks! This is a beautiful place, and the seal is so random there too.

  6. Whaaaat I can’t believe there are just random seals lying around haha! That’s amazing:) Those fish and chips look delicious! I’ve never been to SA before, would love to go:) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your pictures, especially of the seal. How fun that they come up in search of a free couple of fish! Of course, eating seafood is a no-brainer. I would love to pay Kalk Bay Harbor a visit someday! I love how drastically different the landscape is with the mountains so close!

  8. I loved Cape Town and hope go back again next year!! I’ll put Kalk Bay on the list! I love your seals, saw some at V&A on the little deck there, they are just awesomeness 🙂

  9. Wow! This place does radiate rich history. Very interesting and beautiful too! I am obsessed with seals, they are simply adorable. Looks like you had a great time! 🙂 Safe travels. – Mariella

  10. This place is perfect! Looks so tranquil and relaxing. I quite fancy trying shark cage diving. I love seafood and the pic of the fish n’ chips looks so yummy. The portion is massive – bigger than the UK!

  11. This looks like the perfect place for me: I love harbors & fishermen towns! And seafood! Plus I love to sea wild animals & the seals are so cute!! In addition to that, it’s also a good surf spot!!! But to go see the sharks with the cage is cruel for the animals, please don’t!

    1. i agree with you! there has been a lot of controversy around it. the tour i want shark activity i want to do i the one where you can watch them do natural feeding in the early morning by seal island.

  12. Such a cool place for a weekend getaway and you got a chance to see a lot of wildlife which is always amazing (at least for me). i can imagine those seafood restaurants are great – all the products being so fresh! yum! Kalk Bay – will remember that name for when I come to South Africa. Not on my bucket list for now but who knows?!

  13. Kalk Harbor looks such a good option for a weekend getaway. The lighthouse looks nice. I am not into surfing but I would love to visit the surfing spot. I detest crowds so it would be my kinda place.

  14. Wow how awesome is it that you can find seals just like that, waiting to get some fish from the fishermen! I live in a country where it is almost impossible to come across wildlife. I would love to also go for the shark cage dive, I’ve done it once before in Hawaii but it’s something I want to experience again and from what I’ve heard, South Africa offers amazing shark cage dives. I love all your pictures 🙂

  15. Seal spotting and shark cage diving sounds so much fun. I never knew Seals could be seen everytime. Thanks for educating me. Of all the pictures I loved the one with the lighthouse and stone harbour in it. Looks like a great place to just sit and soak in the waves and the stunning view.

  16. It looks like a cute little town by the harbour. I love the photo of the seal who has just wandered into town! Looks like a great place for seeing some wildlife.

  17. Feels like you can do anything you want around this harbour haha. Good place to chill out with a group of friends then! Will definitely pass by the day I go to The Cape. Has it become a very touristy place?

    PS: that seal is so funny!

  18. Such a beautiful place! The pictures are breathtaking!! Food looks sumptuous. The fur seal is fascinating. Loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  19. Great pictures! I was there last year and loved the harbour. I took a boat from there to visit the Seal Island and I saw a fisherman feeding the seals holding fish on his mouth, was like a circus show, really cool! 🙂

  20. Visited this place 3yrs ago with my family and we love it. We were hesitant in the beginning to take the train ride since we heard so much negative experiences BUT we still did and so happy we did it. The view from the ride was the highlight of our trip:) Thanks for sharing… you got it all covered:)

  21. Oh that Cape Fur seal is so adorable! And how funny that they just come right up and are okay with human interaction. Is this because they rely on feeding now by the fisherman or is the area overfished? Or do they just enjoy human interaction? The food looks delicious and this harbour is such a nice place to visit. On the bucket list for when I go to Cape Town.

  22. What a transformation of the place from a small fishing village to now. I particularly loved the buzzing harbor and the colorful boats and ships. The seals must be a major attraction

  23. Looks like a beautiful place and as a plus, it comes with some great seafood! Visiting South Africa is definitely on my bucket list and hopefully in next couple years. I have heard so much great things about it and I’m sure there is so much to see.

  24. Kalk Bay Harbour looks fascinating. I love these seaside towns which have a special and unique aura around them. The fact that you can spot seals on the beach makes the place all the more alluring. I like the look of the lighthouse too. Have a special fascination for light houses, find them really romantic.

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