The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

d04ac-dscn2607I love flowers. I like photographing them, drawing them and just being around
them….minus the bees and gross bugs of course.

Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town has an awesome flower collection and it’s one of my fave places to go and relax on sunny days. Here is a small collection of my faves from my last visit. Now, I usually limit an album to my top fave 10, but they’re flowers….don’t be impossible!

The botanical gardens also offer a hiking route for outdoor enthusiasts to take a scenic walk up to Table Mountain. The Garden is also open whole year and the gardens are always in full bloom.

In the summer the Kirstenbosch also hosts various outdoor events from musicals to concerts, where you can picnic and enjoy the sunny South African weather.

the flora

I shot some amazing succulents, that can be found all over the Western Cape, as South Africa is typically dry with marshy wetlands near the coast line.

There are other interesting native plant life from South Africa up here. Kirstenbosch is also great for bird watching, there are lots of colourful humming birds amidst the flowers too. There’s also a little river running down from the mountain making small ponds surrounded by cool trees and polka dot leaves.

the fauna

If you’re lucky you may even spot these little fellows making their ways across the lawns. These Angulate Tortoises are natives to the Gardens and on the lower mountain slopes.

Kirstenbosch Gardens are must see if you visit Cape Town. The best thing is that you can visit it all year round.

Travel Tips:

  • Students can get in for a discount on presentation of their student card.
  • Summer is probably the best, as you can get the opportunity to sit among the flowers and on the lush lawns and enjoy an outdoor concert. These are usually on Sundays.
  • I think Winter probably offers the best time for seeing the brilliant colours, as it’s South Africa’s rainy season which mean more flowers come out.
  • You can read more on their website (click here)



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