Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a small island off the Eastern coast of Thailand and is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. This island is a true gem, and it’s also very popular with tourists. I was lucky to visit the island twice. In this post I will just show the highlights of what you can do for the ultimate relaxing holiday on Koh Samui.

Getting there

Koh Samui is accessible aeroplane and ferry from the mainland. It’s advised to rather go by aeroplane.


On my first trip we stayed at Chaweng Beach hotel. It was okay because for Koh Samui the location of your hotel is rather important. The beach is long, and you can land up walking really far from the main areas or supermarkets. It’s always good to check the location before booking. We weren’t too far off, but it was about 20 minutes’ walk from the nightlife areas and best beach spots. Twenty minutes doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in that heat it can be tiring.

The beach

Chaweng beach is by far the best beach I’ve been too. It stretches across the land with white soft sand and makes a perfect natural pool. The water temperature is perfect. There are many water sports and activities and you can haggle for prices. I think these pictures pretty much sum it up:


The Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha is situated on small island North of Koh Samui. It’s also near the port that can take you other smaller attractions and islands around the gulf. The temple houses some vibrant and interesting Thai architecture, full of symbols, nature and mythological characters.


The Big Buddha is also known as Wat Phra Yai is 12 feet high and painted in gold. It is also a landmark for the Big Buddha Temple near Bang Rak beach. You can offer donations and have a monk bid you good luck prayers.


Nature & Outdoor activities

Besides it’s splendid beaches, the island also has some interesting tropical forests inland. It has some interesting flowers and plant life that offer beautiful scenery.

You can explore some walking paths in the jungle and check out a small waterfall in the middle of the island.

Elephant Rides

There has been much controversy about the elephant riding in Thailand. It’s suggested that to experience these amazing animals in an elephant orphanage or protection sanctuary that actually protect and care for their well being. Elephant sanctuaries lie on the mainland of Thailand.

In Conclusion

Koh Samui is a place that make a super easy and comfortable holiday. It has everything nearby and there’s a lot to do to suit all needs. It is also protected from tsunamis as the island lies within a cove which is the natural bay on the right side of Thailand’s main land. It should definitely be on your list of islands to experience.

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