Korean Food: How To Make Dalk Galbi

Dalk Galbi is by far my most favorite dish in Korea, I was introduced to it through the amazing chain restaurant in Seoul, Yoogane’s.
Since then it was love at first bite!

Dalk Galbi is rather easy to make, of course I do not have the secret recipe for the marinated sauce from Yoogane, but the right ingredients and a bit of instinct can make you come pretty close. All you have to do is find your nearest Korean supermarket and buy the ingredients.

Ignore the Choco-pies. Those are simply dessert

You can get everything in Paris, and there is a K-Mart in Opera and there’s one in Cape Town, South Africa in Observatory! Clearly, I have an obsession.

Make sure you have a good non-stick pan.


  • Ttokk Bokki, also known as Korean rice cakes are a rolled rice cakes.
  • Ramen noodles
  • Chicken breasts, no skin and de-boned.
  • Beksul Chicken Marinade Sauce
  • Spices: Peri-Peri, Paprika, salt, pepper
You can add different spices as you feel, I always like mine very hot so I add these. The main ingredient is the Korean sauce.
  1. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pan
  2. Cut chicken breasts up into pieces and out on the pan
  3. Throw in Ttok Bokki Cakes
  4. Add Beksul Chicken sauce
  5. Add a teeny tiny bit of ketchup
  6. Pour in some sweet and spicy sauce
  7. Then add cooked ramen if you want.
  8. Stir until cooked.
Et Voila, you have a delicious plate of dalk galbi!
  • K-Mart Paris Opera: 6-8 Rue Ste. Anne, 75001 (Pyramides Metro)
  • K-Mart Cape Town: Obervatory, Main Road (next to McDonalds)


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