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monDAY, 10 july 2017

Mademoiselle Prive in Seoul


I saw adverts for this exhibition all over my social media 2 months ago. The Mademoiselle Prive promotions combined cool character animations of Coco Chanel and a look through her design process. The process of how Coco Chanel came to build her brand and how the current Chanel still uses her history to define the brand today, is what keeps the brand moving forward. The Mademoiselle Prive exhibition has come to Seoul, and is being showcased at the D-Museum. I went to check it out over the weekend….(click to read more)

sunDAY, 26 june 2016

A night at the Palais de Tokyo

Palais-de-Tokyo-Le-Bord-des-MondesI found myself freezing my toes off waiting in a super long line for a free exhibition and party at the Musee Palais de Tokyo in Paris last week. I had only drove by the museum, but was never inside it. By invite and suggestion of a friend, I decided this was my chance to finally see it. Plus, It was totally free!

The event was the “Le Bord des Mondes” (The Edge of the World) exhibition which questions whether things that aren’t traditionally considered art can actually be made into art….(click to read more)


David Bowie is… the Philharmonie de Paris950c1-image-facebook

I LOVE David Bowie. All who know me know this. He is also one of my fave and biggest
fashion and music icons! So, on this chilly Spring day, I ventured across Paris with my friends to go to the Philharmonie De Paris to see the current David Bowie exhibition…(click to read more)


The Who’s Next Paris Convention 2015


I was super lucky to attend the Who’s Next Fashion Expo in Paris this weekend, thanks to the wonderful Ms. Lecaro from Ecuandino Hats from Ecuador!
Who’s Next allows designers and fashion apparel brands from all over the world to come and display their wares to new potential buyers looking to stock their stores and boutiques with all the latest and greatest on offer….(click to read more)


The Annual Sci-Fi convention in Paris 2014paris-manga-and-sci-fi-show_s165x110

So a few weeks back I attended the annual Manga and Science-Fiction convention held in Paris, France. Best thing was that it wasn’t too far away from my lodgings, and I could easily walk down to the event.
It was full of cosplay and comic book enthusiasts who flocked by the masses…(click to read more)


Seoul: Hongdae Uni.
Fashion & Art student’s Exhibitionade39-photogrid_1352882295327

I got to see the 2012 Art and Fashion Grads exhibition this week. I was invited by my fabulous student (who is wonderfully stylish too!) to see her sister’s final project at Hongdae’s Art Museum on the campus! ….(click to read more)