The Annual Manga And Sci-Fi Convention in Paris 2014

So a few weeks back I attended the annual Manga and Science-Fiction convention held in Paris, France. Best thing was that it wasn’t too far away from my home, and I could easily walk down to the event.

It was full of cosplay and comic book enthusiasts who flocked by the masses.

The place was littered with goods to purchase from cosplay outfits, Harajuku and Goth Lolita fashions imported from Japan and other paraphernalia from comic books, samurai swords and figurines.

There were interactive pop culture quizzes on scfi-fi and fantasy adventure and game battle stations. You could also meet a few of your fave actors from Game of Thrones, such as Hodor and someone from Doctor Who.



So Fun. Sooooo cute.

It was super crowded, but interesting no less. It’s not Comic Con, but it was fun!
I did however get this cute My Little Pony phone cover from the Harajuku Fashion section! ^^