France: Charming Nantes

Nantes is a small city in the West of France, and proved to be quite charming. Nantes formerly served as a trading post for the colonial days in France. It has a quiet a sad history as it also served as the main trading ports for slavery across the world.We had to go to Nantes on a quick study trip on local textile manufacturing for fashion and apparel.

Nantes is really modern in terms of its architecture in comparison to Paris. The city centre still retains its old world charm and tradition. Its also the place to go shopping. Note that goods are significantly cheaper than Paris, and there was a bigger selection of small Parisian boutiques a fairly good prices.

I didn’t have enough time, but there was a medieval castle near the centre with a fort around it. It seemed pretty worthwhile checking out.

A fun place to visit which is the botanical garden, located just across form the station. It’s a really enchanting place with fantasy characters cut out of hedges (think Edward Scissorhands style). The main character is a big bird in various poses relaxing in the garden and ever year he changes his posture or activity. There’s also a cool giant bench on the pathway.

There’s a cool flower dome with little reptile heads peeking out, you’ll have to look around the garden to see what the little characters are up to.

Nantes is a good spot to getaway for a small vacation, as it’s also situated near the beach…a very cold beach.

I liked the vibe at Nantes, and it as a beautiful river running through with lush picnic grass to relax along on.

It’s def a spot to see in France!


8 thoughts on “France: Charming Nantes

  1. France has an inimitable charm. Sad to hear that a beautiful place like Nantes has a dark past. Glad things have evolved over the years. I love visiting interesting medieval castle. Lovely blog.

  2. Nantes is really a charming place in west of France. Being less expensive in comparison to Paris makes it more appealing. I would love to go colorful flower garden and relax with that giant bird.

  3. Nantes seems like a wonderful place. If you’re comparing it to Paris even cheaper than the later then I’m sure it is worthy to check out. I would love to check out the caste!!

  4. Nantes is so beautiful. Seeing your pictures, I got an urge to visit it right away. I specifically loved the architecture. Very well portrayed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nantes sounds like a lovely little city. I love the botanic garden pictures; it looks like a nice place to wander around a little bit. I’m living in Dublin and I know there is sometimes cheap flights to Nantes. Next time I see a good deal I’ll have to make a booking.

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