Orange Overload

So I’ve done the bright Peplum top (Click to see) and now to do the peplum dress! I got this cute colourful dress at the outlet underground shopping mall at Jeonggak Station in Seoul, South Korea. It has great fabric, and I liked the great structure in the dress. It can be worn for the office (depending where you work of course) and for the evening for an event or just for going out. It’s pretty diverse and it’s all about styling as usual. The bright colour will definitely make it the bold statement it is.I’ve decided to go with bright orange lipstick with this piece, however, pink is just as fun. Orange is a warm and neutral tone so pretty much any bright colour can go with it.

The dress is from a popular Korean brand called Å Land, and you can find their store in the famous Myeongdong shopping street! Check out their website as well for more funky, trendy fashion:

Style Deets

Here, I’ve also accessorized it with a contrasting bright colour which can look just as delicious! 🙂
So, I’ve also paired it with a turquoise statement necklace, added chunky gold bracelets and a bright red lip! Colours!!!

Chic, simple and so much fun….

So how about investing in something orange for this season?


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