A Night at the Palais De Tokyo

I found myself freezing my toes off waiting in a super long line for a free exhibition and party at the Musee Palais de Tokyo in Paris last year In February 2015. I had only drove by the museum, but was never inside it. By suggestion of a friend, I decided this was my chance to finally see it. Plus, It was totally free! The event was the “Le Bord des Mondes” (The Edge of the World) exhibition which questions whether things that aren’t traditionally considered art can actually be made into art.

Me colour blocking with the colour blocks
My friend S being intrigued

The Palais de Tokyo itself is an interesting space in which to move through, accentuating installations and art displays in light and dark; through wide spaces and through thin narrow crevices which I found really fascinating. It gave a different feel and atmosphere compared to other  museums I have been to.

There were some interesting works on display. Here are the ones that fascinated me most:

Hiroshi Ishiguro

Ishiguro decided to make robots look more human. So technically, they are like “cyborgs”. On seeing them, they actually do look real. They even tilt their heads and blink slowly and creepily in silence. The male robot was made in the artist’s actual image. No, seriously.


Kenji Kawakami

Kawakami uses humor in his works. He mainly uses photography by taking photos of little gimmicks and silly gadgets (found mostly in Asia) being used by people such as shoe umbrellas. It’s usually about things to help you enhance daily activities with ease or help improve situations in humorous ways. His sculptures were smile evoking too 🙂

Jerry Getzinger

A full sized colour mural than ran from floor to the ceiling. Totes pic worthy.

Then there was this cool mural too…..


Charlie Le Mindu

This work is made entirely of real human hair. If you’re thinking Lady Gaga, you would be correct as this artist has collaborated with her and various famous designers with his “Haute Coiffure” works. Not even a GHD would serve this justice if styling was needed!


There were also other interesting works by Iris Van Herpen who had some cool designs, but we were not allowed to take pics of them. Also, Rose-Lynn Fisher’s Tears collection where she collected tear drop specimens brought on from different emotions. Interestingly, all the tears had different unique structures just like snowflakes!
Then there were some weird stuff by artists claiming to live in another universe. Asseblief!

In all, the Palais de Tokyo Museum is pretty cool to check out if you are in Paris. These events happen every few months too!

You can visit the website for more info and deets at:


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