So What’s Paris Fashion Week Really Like?

The Fashion Weeks have become a holy month that creates the ultimate Style Bible for every season’s latest looks.
We are swamped with photographs of the famous and not-so-famous all dressed up in their finest, hoping to be featured on the “Street Style” pages of all the famous magazines and blogs around the world. There is practically a show before the show.Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world gained me the opportunity to see what the buzz was about surrounding the start of a fashion show!
In Paris, the streets will be blocked off just to accommodate the fashion shows, usually causing a traffic jam and making drivers take alternative routes.

I was hanging around the Louvre one evening, and I stumbled upon the marquee being created for the Dior Summer/Spring 2016 show. It was only in progress, but it was super busy before it was to commence in 3 days time.

Preparation for Dior S/S/16 at the Louvre


The Dior Show Day

The final result

Obviously, I did NOT receive a personal invitation to the actual show…but I was curious and went to check out the crowd that hangs outside of the event feeding off the media frenzy.
It was packed with various media, TV cameras, magazine journalists, fashion bloggers, aspiring fashion designers and photographers etc.

People came really dressed up. Just being outside the show would open up the opportunity to be photographed and featured on others blogs or better yet, in a magazine. It’s not just fashion bloggers and posers, but also young fashion designers who dress up models hoping that their work and looks will get featured.


Then, there is, of course the treat of spotting a celebrity coming out of the show. Rihanna was the one they all hoped to catch but she didn’t venture through the ‘normal people’s’ exit on Rue Rivoli.
I did get to see Carine Roitfeld (former Vogue Editor for France), Fashion writer Suzy Menkes, Raf Simons (Dior’s creative designer himself) and some other rich fancy people dressed in Dior.

Vogue fashion writer/journalist, Suzy Menkes
Why Anna….

I was personally hoping to see Anna Dello Russo, as I am a fan of her work….but no luck 🙁

Overall, a lot of money and hard work goes into the preparation of these shows. From the venue, the decor and creating that almighty hype to attract those established and not-so established in the fashion industry.




why you should check it out

The runway stage alone took 3 days to prepare, imagine how long it takes to prepare the show itself! This is done again in 6 months for the next season, and not forgetting the preparation for the new Cruise Collections that are expected by famous brands.

Sadly, I didn’t bother to dress up and try to get featured at the show. I was actually busy with a fashion project myself, and decided to go on a whim after lunch.
However, if you do decide to go I recommend you put in effort with your look. People look and judge you from head to toe with a fierce look that would send you straight to hell for wearing the wrong shoes!

On a serious note, the fashion week shows do open up opportunities to get your brand, blog or design work noticed. Just being there has THAT much potential to get yourself scouted or featured. Don’t forget to bring your business card!

Au Revoir,

Check out the full Dior s/s 2016 show below:
(Video courtesy of Fatale Fashion III)



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