Puroland, Sanrio’s Themepark

In 2013, I took a holiday to Japan! I had planned this trip out pretty well, as I knew that it would be expensive and I needed to make my priorities!
Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an absolute Hello Kitty fan. I have been to all Hello Kitty conventions and events in Seoul, and now it was time to make the pilgrimage to her REAL house in Puroland.

Hello Kitty’s House or village is a fun theme indoor park situated just on the edge of Tokyo at Tama Centre. It takes about an hour to get there from central Tokyo.I was as happy as anyone could get! In fact, it was my first stop after landing in Tokyo!


Puroland: What is it?

This place is the ultimate fun land with Hello Kitty and all her friends from Marchen World. The concept of Puroland is to emulate the once famous Hello Kitty TV series for children from the 70’s and 80s. Hello Kitty and her friends would go on adventures in their little town, and Puroland offers a taste of being in that town.

It’s also an opportunity to just get the ultimate Hello Kitty overload.


Puroland holds various little stores selling all things Hello Kitty for all ages. There is a cafe and food area with everything themed in Hello Kitty and her friends.

Sanrio’s Puroland looks like it’s catered for kids, but it’s not. It houses 3 floors of shopping for all ages. Cute little boutiques selling unique items from fashion, accessories, candies and toys.

It was really expensive, I wouldn’t buy anything in here that I couldn’t already get elsewhere for a fraction of the price.
In the end, I got this cute little Ayanami Rei Hello Kitty because I’m such a big fan of the anime Evangelion.

The experience

It’s not all shopping. There are performances for the kids whole day and a train ride through the town.
There are many awesome photo booths to dress up as your favorite Sanrio character and get a 2-D background. There’s also the official Hello Kitty Friendship Photo, you get to take inside her house.


I decided to take an Official Friendship Photo taken with Kitty in her home!!! These get printed out and given with a fancy background.

Let’s not forget Hello Kitty’s actual house, where everything inside is themed Hello Kitty, including a pink sports car. To keep you up to date, she and her boyfriend Dear Daniel are now officially living together.



The main performance takes place at the centre of Marchen Land, around the “Tree of Wisdom”, where dancers and singers and acrobats all come in dazzling costumes and perform for eager sweaty kids and excited grown ups.

Once all the characters come out on floats and sparkles, there is a sudden silence, the music slows and the lights dim….then from a sparkling chariot  Hello Kitty descends from the darkened sky in all her princess finery to the ground where her chariot is the drawn by a unicorn and is met by her boyfriend….Dear Daniel Starr! ^.^

 The main performance changes from time to time, so you don’t have to expect to see the same thing again on your next visit.

Overall, I recommend this place for the die hard Hello Kitty fans in this world. I saw just one brave boyfriend with his girlfriend on a date here and he seem totally fine. The rest of the men who had accompanied their kids and girlfriends looked they were in hell and going to die.

However, even if you are not a Hello Kitty fan, I still recommend it as it’s probably one of the most unique experience Tokyo has to offer. EVER…..

Travel Tips:802d2-kittytrks

  • Go early, this place is quite far and you’ll have to change a few times on the metro.
  • The metro stop is called Tama Centre, and lies to the North of Tokyo.
  • Shopping is expensive here, rather spend your money on things to experience here such as the fun photos etc.
  • If you must shop, not far off from Puroland, there is a store selling Hello Kitty apparel of all sorts at super discounted prices. I scored a mean pair of Hello Kitty Hi-top sneakers here!

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