Quay 4 at The Waterfront, Cape Town

Cape Town has some of the best offerings in seafood, after all it is a coastal city surrounded by two huge oceans. The Waterfront is one of the city’s most forefront tourist attractions, with millions of tourists flocking to this large mall and entertainment centre every year.

You can find just about any fun activity to do at The Waterfront, but what makes it one of the best places to visit is getting to indulge in it’s many amazing gourmet world class restaurants! Since it’s big renovation, most restaurants offer amazing views and cater for those wanting a more quite and cozy scene.

I preferably love those outside with beautiful views of the harbour and Table Mountain! So for a birthday, we decided to go the evening and dine at Quay 4.

The Place

Quay 4 mainly specializes in seafood dishes. The restaurant offers seating on board the deck above the harbour with views looking at both the harbour and the Waterfront’s busy promenade. Sitting this side, requires no reservation and you can always catch the cool sea breeze on the outside tables.

They also have a more reserved and exclusive upstairs section for private events and for those wanting a more upscale experience with a delicious seafood menu.
They also have live bands daily.

The Menu

The menu offers more than  seafood, and goes on to offer white and red meat plates too and there’s dishes for vegetarians.

In my opinion, the seafood is the best offering at the restaurant. I decided to change my regular love of fish and chips, and go for the amazing prawns special on offer! There were two options on offer for the prawn specials and that was R99 for 500g prawns OR R179 for 1kg of prawns. both came with a side of friend rice or chips as well as all the standard sauces.
I adventurously opted for the 1 kg option. It was awesome and delicious. I definitely recommend it!

The rest of the table opted for a calamari platter and a starter with fishcakes and chips.


I indulged in a chocolate milkshake and Grapetiser, while the rest of table opted for beers. However, the beers were not very cold.

We went on a week day in the evening and it was very busy. I know it’s always packed on weekends. therefore, the wait can be quite long for your food to arrive.

My advice is to go for dinner, the views of Table Mountain and the Waterfront on a hot summer’s evening are just beautiful.



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