RIP Prince: The Purple One


Another legend lost this year. First we had to deal with the loss of David Bowie, and now Prince. Prince and Bowie were great music legends and also figures that have helped define pop-culture in the 80s and 90s through their art, music and style.


I never expected to see these two artist live in concert, as they were before my time. My appreciation for Prince started in high school, as he was someone who made being crazy and unique fabulous. Ultimately , he was someone who portrayed that nothing is more wonderful than being true oneself through his music and style.

His music also helped forged some of my dearest and closest friendships that still grow strong to this day. It was said he overdosed on painkillers due to a hip problem that could not be operated on due to his Jehova’s Witness beliefs. He was very protective of his  artistic rights over his music and art during his career and wasn’t afraid to challenge the big recording corporations.

His songs and lyrics were often known for their bold sexual content, and his music was legendary and many artists who worked with him cited him as “genius”.

We’ll miss you. Diamonds and pearls forever….






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