Read about my interesting to trip to Romania and learn about its unique history and culture.


FRIDAY, 22 JULY 2017

Bucharest, Romaniafeat

I had  to go on a week-long study trip in Romania in 2015.  It was part of the international exchange programs between my French university and a Romanian one. Romania is starting to invest more in developing its industrial and manufacturing industries as it opens itself up internationally. Romania has long been overlooked as a tourist destination. However, over the last 3 years, the country is becoming a popular travel destination as the country develops itself as an industry leader and brand….(click to read more)



A Trip To Transylvania

Never, in my life would I EVER have thought I would visit Transylvania! The small town with a historical castle responsible for the infamous novel ‘Dracula’ by Brahm Stroker…(click to read more)