Gaining Velocity- S.A Does Comics!!!


Gaining Velocity is a joint partnership between South Africa and Australia, founded in 2010 by comic artists/graphic designers Moray Rhoda and Neville Howard.

Founders of GV: Moray Rhose (centre) & Neville Howard (right) at the SanDiego Comic Con

what is it?

Gaining Velocity aims to promote local sci-fi and fantasy writers and artists to publish their stuff through Gaining Velocity.
I’ve been keeping track on their stuff and the artwork is amazing! I’m a pretty hardcore comic book/fantasy and sci-fi fan myself, so it’s pretty cool to see stories and comics of this calibre coming from the talented peeps here in South Africa.



who’s behind it?

Moray and Neville got to go to Comic Con in San Diego last year in 2013 to promote Gaining Velocity!
GV is a graphic novel anthology where various stories will run for a period in their publications.

So what’s recommended by Gaining Velocity?

  • “Invincible – simply my favorite superhero comic of all times. It has incredible storytelling, great artwork and some of the most horrific violence ever illustrated.”
  • “Deadly Class – love the story and artwork and I can see it happening as a movie. The basic plot is that there is a secret society that trains assassins. It sounds like it’s been done before, but the approach in this is spot on.”
  • Black Science – it’s sci-fi inter-dimensional travel with jaw-dropping art.”
You can buy your copy on their website at: You can also buy previous hard copy issues at Readers Den (CT) and Outer Limits (PTA).
Each issue has over up to or more than 20 artists from South Africa and Australia. I’ve seen the art work and contributions myself, and, like I’ve said, it’s pretty awesome!

How can you get involved?

Are you an aspiring fantasy/sci-fi writer? Artist? Both artist and writer? Then, maybe seeing your work materialise in comic book form could be your big break! Don’t worry if you can’t do both, they will set you up with either the artist or writer.
To give in you submissions, visit their website at:
Or email them directly at: