Top 10 Daily Beauty Essentials for Summer 2016

South Africa’s summers are harsh and very dry. This can seriously affect your skin, especially if it’s sensitive on the face! I have a horrid combination of both very sensitive and oily in the centre, while dry around the face. Not cute at all, but that’s reality. I’ve put together my top skin essentials for this summer from the best beauty products for the both face and body.


The Face

The skin on your face is by far more delicate than the rest of your body, so it’s essential you out the right product to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions.

1. Dr. Jart every Sun Day SPF 50

I cannot stress the importance of wearing SPF cream everyday in our harsh sun! In fact, I have two SPF creams for body and face. The face one is for everyday use which I wear underneath my make-up. This cream is especially formulated for your face and is not oily and sticky like regular SPF creams, with a light and fresh texture you do not feel.

There are many everyday SPF creams for wearing under you make-up, and a good one is most likely not cheap, but see it as an investment for your skin.

2. Rimmel Match Perfection Liquid Foundation

I love this new liquid foundation, it’s also got a nice smooth texture and blends in well with the skin. Best thing is that is has SPF 20 in it too! It’s the best for everyday use and easy to apply.

3. Bio Oil

Bio Oil is not only for healing damaged skin, it also a good moisturizer and replenishes the skin. I put on just a little before going to bed once I have cleansed my face.

Skin is noticeably fresher and smoother by adding this into your routine.

4. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cleansing Toner

If you get regular or irregular break out problems, this is the best. It also helps get rid of acne scars much faster. Made of completely natural products, this is safe for sensitive skin on the face or combination skin like mine. Oily skin tends to produce the evil pimple or two, and this cleanser never fails.

5. Cetaphil Cleansing Face Wash

I have used this face wash for years and it has never failed. It’s a simple and effective facial cleansing solution that does not foam up and is deodorant free.

It’s best used before your toner and can be bought over the counter or in selected health and beauty stores around the world! It’s just the best.

6. Differin Gel

I love a good spot eradicator for over night. Differin gel is just one of many formulated gels that target freshly sprouted zits. After you’ve cleansed, toned and oiled you skin, this is the last step to take if you have an unwanted zit to disappear the next day!

There are lots of similar products on the market all over. When living abroad, I used similar solutions but ensured they were all gels as they tighten and dry quicker on the infected spot. It’s not something you apply every night on the whole face, it’s technically just a zit zapper.

The Body

The heat can cause a lot of dryness on the skin, especially sensitive skin. I am not particularly too picky on my body lotions, but I will recommend a good moisturizer for over night.

7. Indian Night Jasmine Lait Corporel

I usually indulge myself with a body lotion from the Body Shop, I need a good moisturizer and a nice scent doesn’t hurt.

8. Vanilla Scented Body Wash

You can get this anywhere at any price. I personally love vanilla as a base scent to all my perfumes and lotions.

9. Body Oil

I do a lot of sport and love to stay active, so after a good work out and sweat, there’s nothing like a soothing oil to relax the body and soothe the skin after all the sweat and ickiness has been washed away after a hot shower or bath.

There’s lots of brands out there. Pick one.

10. Sanex Dermo invisible Roll On

Ok, this isn’t exactly under the fabulous category, but it works really, really well. I’ve used this brand for a few years, and I love it. It’s perfect as it helps avoid soggy underarm sweat and stain on your clothes, and really is refreshing and cool.

That’s my round up of summer Beauty essential for this year! What’s your personal favorites?

Until Winter,


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