Shopping In Argentina

After working for about one year in Peru, I took a vacation to Argentina with 2 friends. We decided to take a bus across the continent which took 3 days, as we were on a budget. It was not that comfortable, but what I saw on those 3 days traveling across that amazing continent was breathtaking. Seeing all sorts of terrains and climates under the scorching sun to tropical thunder storms, was worth it. I was still a freshly graduated student and I didn’t have much then. Just my traveling bag. No pc, not even a camera! I took all my pics with a those old cameras that had to be processed at the store. So I only have actual photos of that year abroad. It was 2008, so smart phones and Instagram didn’t even exist yet.

El Centro, Buenos Aries, Argentina

Our destination was Buenos Aries, the capital. It was a different world compared to Peru. A bustling, modern city that had everything. I loved it! Plus, I could finally GO SHOPPING! I was unleashed.Argentina is well known for being fashionable and they have a booming fashion industry over there. It’s def worth your visit if you’re looking to get your shop on.

Let’s see the top 3 shopping spots to get all you fashion goods for all prices:

1.Calle Florida/Florida Avenue

You can find every popular retail brand in this road from Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer to Louis Vuitton. There were lots of local posh name brands in the department stores located along this busy road. There are some stalls along there selling cheaper goods. If you don’t have much time, this is the place to go and is easily accessible from both subway and bus.

Some tango dancing in Calle Florida

2. La Once

La Once,  is the outlet fashion area and is more popular with the locals. My friend got word from a  local she was seated with on the bus and got the directions. The area is at on the subway stop named La Once. It’s a bargainers paradise, and you can get all brands and local made clothes for a really good price!

3. Palermo

At one of the markets in Palermo, B.A

Palermo is known as the artists district, and has a very bohemian and modern vibe to it. We stayed in this area while in B.A at one of the hostels. At night it is alive with music and crowds enjoying the hot summer evenings. By day, all the cool markets come out along the street alleys, while you can stroll through the streets littered with trendy boutiques with the coolest fashion. The markets are the most interesting, with locally produced and designed fashion goods and a there are some amazing vintage stalls. The prices in Palermo range from cheap to expensive, it caters for all budgets and tastes and has the best variety!


The food in B.A is great too, and really inexpensive. I am a carnivore and most Argentinians are, as they are popular for the beef produce.To this day, it’s still one of my fave places.I wish I had more time to peruse other hot places to shop, but I went on a trip up North to Iguazu Falls in the Amazon near Brazil. However, that would be another post on its own!



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