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I decided to spend my summer holiday of 2013 in Hong Kong while living in Korea. I had heard so much about the wonders of Hong Kong and its shopping, that I decided to check out this city myself. Most goods are made in China, and Hong Kong is its fashion capital.
Hong Kong has shopping on practically every street corner. There are always bargain shops, local boutiques and various retail stores. It doesn’t matter where you stay in this lively city, because you will be guaranteed of having everything you could want on your door step.The markets offer the most value for money and they love to bargain. If bargaining is not your thing, then I would recommend you hit the stores and many, many malls.

Here are my TOP 6 (in no particular order) shopping spots to get your shop on for all budgets and tastes in the city of Hong Kong:

1. IFC/Central/Landmark:

If you have the money to spend and don’t want to compromise on your designer brands, then this is the place for you. IFC (International Finance Centre) mall and all the streets surrounding it have many of the big designer brands with the biggest selection of goods on many floors. There is even an über swanky Armani Prive Night Club in there.
There is an amazing upstairs lounge with restaurant to relax and enjoy the view.
(Access to IFC on the red metro line, all trams in central & taxis)

2. Lan Kwai Fong/Mid-Levels: 

A neighboring area right across from Central and well known for it’s pulsing nightlife, this area offers amazing restaurants and cute little boutiques selling unique and trendy fashion. You can also find all the major international retailers in this area. It also extends up to mid-levels, where you can go up the world’s longest outdoor escalator.
(Access via the red Metro line, buses from Central and escalators)

3. Tsim Sha Tsui: 
Better known as TST, is another trendy shopping area catering for all tastes from high-end designer to average to value for money. I got most of my goodies in this area, the side streets are filled with smaller shops all ready to bargain with you, and many stores offering cute stuff at really great prices.
Go inside the little concept and boutique mini-malls and check out some cool spaces! This area really caters for the youth market.
(Access to TST can be via red Metro line, ferry from central, bus & taxi)


4. Ladies Market: 

A long street offering everything really, and please do yourself a service and set your own prices as I did. This is a bargainers’ paradise and you can score good brands at low prices as they clear factory stock. I didn’t buy anything for more than $20 here! I scored amazing gifts here and a painting.
(Access via red & greed Metro line, bus, ferry)

5. Hollywood Road: 

Near Central, this area sells the best of vintage goodies from antique to just plain second hand goodies. It’s great for scoring those one of a kind items. I didn’t venture into the stores and market myself, so I’m not sure what the prices are like.
(Access via mid-levels escalator from central)

6. Causeway Bay

I’ve saved the best for last! Causeway Bay is just East of Victoria Harbour and a few minutes ride via tram or metro from Central. It’s easy to get there as the stops are named aptly after it. Causeway Bay truly caters for all tastes, from designer, major retailers to street market bargains! This place is just a flurry is activity with local and tourists shopping to their hearts content. There are lots of malls housing the latest Hong Kong fashion trends such as Beverly Island and the famous Fashion Walk.
(Access via HK Island tram, metro blue line & buses)

Some treasures I scored in Hong Kong:

Travel Tips:

  • It’s really easy to get around Hong Kong, however I think the Metro is the most cost effective and it takes you straight to your desired location.
  • When shopping in the markets and mini-outlet stores, bring your bargain power on. Don’t get ripped off and it really doesn’t take long to get the price down, seeing as many other stalls sell the same goods.

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  1. We loved Ladies Market when we visited this past weekend! Have you been to Temple Street? It was recommended by others but when we visited we didn’t really enjoy it. It was a little sketchy.

    1. I have not heard of Temple Street market. Glad you enjoyed Ladies Market though, there’s something new there everyday there. Do visit Causeway Bay, I did find this area this most fascinating and there are cool bargain markets to the back of the big Forever 21!

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