How Safe is your home while traveling?

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It happened to me. My flat got broken into while I was away. The situation could have easily been avoided had I taken better preventative steps to ensure the safety of my home, but I was so busy packing and unpacking for my trip while trying to get a million things sorted before I left. The flurry and excitement of leaving before a trip happens to all of us, and it’s really stressful.


Man is handing a house key to a womanMy landlord had stated that he only ever had 1 copy of the key to my apartment. The building itself is very secure, with having had to use two codes for different doors before entering my complex of the big building. When traveling for short stays, I had always taken the key with me.

Then one day I had to leave, very unsure of when I was to return, and I wanted to hand in the key, but the landlord had lived far. The maintenance person in the building was working on his own schedule and was unreliable. My landlord told me to leave the key in the mail box as he would fetch it the next day before the postman came.


Who wants to think about home over here?

Worrying about your home and goods while away is always a concern. However, that shouldn’t deter you holiday fun. The whole point of a holiday is to relax right? Exactly. Under normal circumstances, I would never have left a key in a mailbox. I was following orders and sadly, for my landlord he should have made fetching his only key a priority and not left it weeks later.

I’m South African. This means I know all about taking extreme measures to keep my belongings and home secure even while I am at work or going to the grocers!



Even though I live in a small apartment in a big complex, you can never be too safe. Here are 4 things I do in my apartment before going on holiday:

  1. Lock everything, including windows
  2. Take your key with you or leave it with a trusted neighbour or friend.
  3. Switch off all appliances and lights
  4. Don’t leave any money or expensive items laying around where it is easily visible from outside.

SimpliSafe wireless security systems have put together a well-structured list for all types of home owners to review before packing up and leaving. Check out this list below of things to do before embarking on your next adventure.




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