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Living in Lima, Perufeat2

This will be my last and final post on my year living abroad in Peru in 2008. It’s my last
because I simply have nothing left to tell of my adventures.Next year will be 10 years since lived there, and since compiling these posts, many of the good friends  I had made there that I am still in contact with are suggesting a reunion. I would love that, as since then I have become a more seasoned traveller and I am better equipped to document my travels to. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see!…(click to read more)



Paracas, Perufeat

While living in Peru in 2008, me and my friend decided to do a spur of the moment trip outside of Lima. We had a few national public holidays in the week that was celebrating Peru’s independence. We were sitting at a café, and dear old Evan Anderson suggested we try somewhere nearby. I agreed, plus travelling in Peru was super cheap. After much research, we chose a more off the beaten track place called Paracas.!…(click to read more)



Iguazu Fallsigu10TITLE

In 2008, I visited Iguazu from the Argentinian side which offers the best views of waterfalls. Iguazu is a must should you visit Brazil or Argentina, it’s also an opportunity to visit the border of the Amazon and discover its beautiful nature…..(click to read more)


MONDAY, 11 JULY 2016

Beautiful Buenos Airesba1title

After my year in Peru, me and 2 friends decided to take a short holiday in Argentina where
I was to get my flight back to Cape Town. One friend decided to take a flight from Peru, while me and another friend decided to take a bus trip across the South American continent from Lima to Buenos Aires…(click to read more)


MONDAY, 11 JULY 2016peru title

10 Things to know about Peru

After one year of living and working in Peru, I’ve put together this brief list of important
things to know about the country. Whether you plan on going on a short or long term visit, these top 10 facts should help get you prepared for your Peruvian adventure!…(click to read more)


monDAY, 20 june 2016

cusco 6

Cuzco, Peru: Capital of the Incan Empire

In my previous post on traveling in South America, I spoke about traveling up to the amazing Machu Picchu ruins in 2008. However, to get to Machu Picchu you have to go to the old Incan capital of Cuzco. It’s only from Cuzco that you will be able to make your journey to Machu Picchu and many other amazing historical sites around the town…(click to read more)

SUNDAY, 19 JUNE 2016

Cusco, Peru: Mysterious Machu Picchumcfeatii

Whether you are visiting or living in Peru, a trip to the amazing Machu Picchu is a must-see. It seems quite unconvincing for those non-conventional travelers, because of how it is over-marketed, but I cannot express how amazing this experience is for the mind and soul…( click to read more)


wednesday, 8 june 2016

Shopping In Buenos Aries, Argentina

After working for about one year in Peru, I took a vacation to Argentina with 2 friends. We decided to take a bus across the continent which took 3 days, as we were on a budget. It was not that comfortable, but what I saw on those 3 days traveling across that amazing continent was breathtaking…(click to read more)