Best Spa Secrets in Asia

I love a good massage, and always ensure I get one while on holiday abroad. However, there are various treatments on offer in different countries, as well as different prices. Thus far, Asia has impressed me the most with their variety of spa and relaxation treatments that are in high quality and affordable. In this post, I bring you my own experiences and quest in finding the best Asia has to offer.

South Korean Jimjilbang

These are technically hot water springs, which are made available almost  anywhere in Korea. You can even find them all over in the bustling cities. The hot springs are separated into 2 rooms, one for women and one for men. The hot water is channelled from the mountain springs into the spas. You will find a variety of pools in different temperatures. There is also a sauna, and massage and exfoliation scrubs on offer for an extra fee. The exfoliation treatments here are intense, but so good. I recommend it!
The entry fee into these spas are very cheap, only 5000 Won ($5), and they offer overnight accommodation.

This is totes a self portrait 🙂

Dr. Fish

Many of you have already heard of Dr. Fish, where the little fish eat off the dead skin all over your feet. I found a Dr. Fish spa in the heart of Jongno, Seoul. It’s really good for the summer when the humid weather causes your feet to sweat.
You can find Dr. Fish spas all over Asia really, and I even saw a couple having their feet nibbled on at a spa in the streets of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Thai massages

I had a Thai massage on my first trip to Thailand. It focused a lot on pressure points and your joints. Massages in Thailand are very cheap, as most cost at around $10 USD. I didn’t enjoy the Thai massage, but their other massage options were really good.

Indonesian Skin Exfoliation

Bali had many spas lining the roads, and tended to offer their spa treatments in packages, and not simply a single massage. The prices are reasonable and are great value for money. In Bali, we opted to do full spa package on special. It included:
• Full body massage
• Manicure or pedicure or facial
• Full body skin exfoliation
• Hot bath filled with petals and various relaxation oils.
It took about 3 hours in total, the service was good and it only came to a total of R300 ZAR (about $30USD)!!

Philippino hot stone massage

While holidaying in Boracay in The Philippines, I decided to do a hot stone massage. It also took quite a long time but it was a very relaxing massage. The hot stones are not as scary as it sounds, as they are placed and wrapped in towels to not burn your skin. The heat relaxes your muscles and relives tension.

hot stone

Getting spa treatments are not always on my travel list as they can be very expensive depending where your destination is. Note that the hot springs are cheap in South Korea, but if you want o do a massage or other spa treatment yo will pay much more from between 30 000-50 000 KRW ($30-$50). In my opinion, South East Asia is a gold mine for spoiling yourself as they have a large variety at really good prices!

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5 thoughts on “Best Spa Secrets in Asia

  1. You have hit the jackpot with this post Bee! I’m a sucker for spas, and I’ve tried nearly all these Asian treatments! I’d love to try that South Korean hot springs, they sound heavenly.

    1. I love a good pampering too. You absolutely must do the jimjillbang and scrub, i swear by it and had one done before leaving. a really good one if the Dragon Hill Spa (that’s another post in here) for those visiting Seoul for the first time!

  2. Going to a spa is such a big deal to me! I’ve only been to Thailand, Malaysia and Kazakhstan in Asia and went to spas in these 3 countries. In Thailand it’s extremely cheap, so you can go and get pampered throughout your whole vacation there. While in Malaysia it’s quite expensive. In Kazakhstan it’s somewhere in the middle but definitely not cheap. And I know what you mean when you said you didn’t enjoy Thai massage, I didn’t either haha I thought it was painful!

  3. During my travels I’ve tried a few different massages and treatments but I’ve yet to try the hot stone one 😀 (Will have to give it a go haha) I’m not the biggest fan of the fish one, even though they do a good job of taking the dead skin off my feet haha. Thai massages are very hit and miss, some have been amazing others not so much. Great read though 😀

  4. I always love pampering myself at a spa, especially if I’m in SE Asia. Thai and Indonesian are my favourite 🙂 Haven’t tried the rest, but maybe next time. Thanks for sharing.

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