Spring & Cherry Blossoms in Paris

I’ve always seen such pretty pics with the Eiffel Tower in Paris amidst cherry blossoms! Since living in Asia, I have fallen in love with Spring and the blooming of the cherry blossoms every year.

Cherry blossoms are not native to Europe, so these carefully planted trees around Paris’ famous landmarks are a treasure to behold after a dull and dreary Winter. You can find them all over the city in parks and other popular places. So one warm sunny Spring day in Paris, I took a study break and headed off to the Eiffel Tower with my camera to capture these short-lived blossoms in bloom!

I personally think spring time in Paris is probably the best time to visit the city. It makes doing outdoor activities much easier and you can even picnic at your favourite spots! There is something special about Paris at the start of Spring, the mood becomes more jovial and the city starts to come to life with laughter and colour all over. Being outdoors is a pleasure, and you won’t mind waiting in the long queues to enter the tourist hot spots.

There’s lots to do around the Eiffel Tower, besides climb it. There are merry-go-rounds for the kids and just across the road your can take a boat cruise along the Seine River during the day and night.

Spring display at Printemps

Spring time in Paris is the most ideal and for some reason the calmest time in the city. You also get to  experience the city in all it’s real hustle and bustle that does not exist during the summer holidays, as most Parisians go away on holiday outside of the city. During Spring, the whole city celebrates the arrival of printemps, and be sure to check out the pretty displays in the boutiques and department store windows.

If you have time you can also visit the many parks in and round Paris and see the other beautiful flowers and more cherry blossoms in bloom.

These pretty blossoms were taken in the 15eme, Paris
@ Parc George Braasens 

 The Tuileries (Jardin Tuileries) in bloom (below).

..and in Parc Montersourris!


…and Cheers! to the first picnic day of Spring in Paris!
…et Salut! a la premier jour du Printemps en Paris!

Travel Tips

  • The cruise tickets  at the Eiffel Tower are about 14 Euros. I recommend going the evening when all the hot spots in Paris are lit up. Students and under 18s get discounts.
  • Best cherry blossom times are within the last week of March and the first week of April.
  • For the photography-fundi, best times are before lunch or during the lunch hour, as the area is most quiet.
  • Notre Dame also boasts quite a nice collection of blossoms around the cathedral.
  • There aren’t many shops around the actual tower, the nearest will be more towards the metro stops such as Bir Hakiem and on the other side at Trucedero on line 9. I recommend packing or bringing food unless you want to dine by the nearby restaurants.
  • Be warned Spring in France is warm, but the nights are still chilly, so bring a  jacket.

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