Spring in Seoul

Spring time in Asia does not last to long, and it’s best time is only between 2 or 3 weeks long. This is when the cherry blossoms bloom. I’m obsessed with these flowers, and make an effort to catch them in new places and countries when I have the opportunity.

My first experience was in my first year in Seoul, when I lived nearby Olympic Park in Jamsil. After that, I made an effort to see as many parks as I could the following year. In 2013, I booked a flight to Japan to purposely coincide with the season of the cherry blossoms season at Mount Fuji to see the very best of them in their original home land.

I hope to catch more of them in the city this year when they are in bloom which should be in about 2 weeks time! Here are some cool pictures I collected of them in Seoul, South Korea in the past:

Olympic Park, Jamsil

In my first year in 2011, me and a few co-workers decided to enjoy the outdoors in this famous park and have a picnic amidst the blooming trees. I was enthralled by the pretty white and pink blossoms. White blossoms are the more famous species found in Korea.

Namsan Park

I used to live in HBC in Yongsan which lies just below Namsan mountain and the famous tower. I loved this area, and the views of the mountain’s trees during the seasons were awesome, especially Autumn and Spring. These pictures were taken in 2013.

I went for a walk up the mountain one day and just took as many pics of the cherry blossoms as I could. Spring is an amazing time to  visit Seoul, the air is fresh and not full of the hot humid air that overwhelms the country during the summer months.

I can’t wait for the new blooms this year!

“Cherry blossoms, oh cherry blossoms
In the spring sky
As far as eyes can see
Is it fog or is it a cloud?
The scent!
Right now
Let’s go and see”

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6 thoughts on “Spring in Seoul

  1. I’ve wanted to visit South Korea ever since I met a bunch of wonderful Korean girls in my student house years ago. Somehow I still haven’t managed to end up there, but one day I will, I want to visit them! And spring looks definitely like a great time to be there 🙂

      1. Oh I can imagine the food! The only Korean food I tried was super spicy and I’m not a great fan of very hot food. But I should explore it more.

  2. That’s gorgeous. I really want to see cherry blossoms somewhere, but I’d never thought much of anyplace outside Japan. Thanks for the post!

    #GLT love!

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