Spur Steak Ranches

20151208_190746If you live in South Africa or have visited the country , I’m sure you must have encountered our amazing steak house franchise called Spur. Growing up in South Africa means I am surrounded by really good food, but going for a meal at Spur was and still is the ultimate treat. It’s a staple in the nation’s diet and never fails to offer the most amazing dishes of real meat that will melt the heart of any carnivore!

Spur was first opened in Newlands in Cape Town in 1967, and now has 309 restaurants in South Africa and around the world. You can find a Spur in Dubai and Australia too!


The Spur Steak Ranch Restaurant is 100% South African, yet it has a native American theme for it’s brand and interior decor. Why? I have no idea, but when you’re busy eating those amazing steaks and ribs, nobody really cares if it was decorated like a tropical jungle.

best dish

My favorite dish is the 500g T-bone steak, and I like my meat very rare. They also offer a variety of meats from chicken to seafood and they all come with a portion of rice or chips and salad. They have a kiddies menu and a subsidised one for pensioners. I always enjoy their delicious waffles with ice-cream for dessert.  Spur portions are generous, and well worth the price. The average meal costs between R90 – R150 (USD$10-$15).

The restaurants are always full on weekends, and their food always delivers and I have never been disappointed.  My memories of Spur as a kid was being part of the Chico The Clown club where you got a free meal on your birthday, colouring-in pages and a horrible happy birthday song sung to you by the staff  which humiliated everyone at the table. Good times.


You can find Spur all over South Africa, and I highly recommend any newcomer to our country to experience their food. They also have delicious dishes for vegetarians.

Spur is the best.


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