The Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido

In continuing with my obsession with cherry blossom season, I decided to go check out the Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido. Yeouido is an area located in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. It’s also an island! For all the years I had been living here I didn’t even know. However the -do part should have given it away as it mean Island in Korean.

Yeouido Island

This island lies on the Han River and was once a pastoral ground for sheep and livestock during the Joseon Period centuries ago. Today it is known as Korea’s Wall Street and has some of the coolest architecture.



The Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

The Spring festival is one of the most popular attractions in April. Visitors get to walk along the pathway lined with cherry blossomed trees and enjoy the perfect weather.


I decided to check it out this past weekend after my Korean class. It’s prime season for the Blossoms around the country so it was packed. Luckily, I chose to get out at Yeouido Station which is a bit further from the park. The entire walkway along the Yeouido Hangang Park is lined with cherry blossom trees. Along the walk there are also street vendors selling food and accessories, but this just added congestion to an already full narrow path.

Let’s take a look at the blossoms:

It was a perfect day, but the large crowd made me tired quickly. I just took some pics and relaxed at the river in the sun.

The metro exit by the park was so full that you literally had to wait to go down the stairs, as the Metro officers were trying to regulate the abundance of people coming in and out. The busy road of cars caused a traffic jam with many families looking for parking near the park.

THAT’S how full it was….

To avoid the bustle, I suggest you rather get off at Yeouido Station and walk a bit to the river, and try going in the weekday! If that’s not possible go early as you can like I did. After lunch it gets crazy!

However, the flowers were beautiful!

Happy Spring,



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