Rimmel Match Perfection

Liquid foundation, for me, is an essential part of my make-up routine. I’m not blessed with perfect skin, and liquid foundation serves as the quick cover-up solution when leaving the house. It also serves as an essential foundation layer before applying your powder foundation!

I used to use L’oreal’s Infallible liquid foundation, but recently it has gone under a new look. I don’t mind a new fancy look and packaging, but it stopped containing the one important element in it: SPF!

If there’s one thing Korean make-up tutorials have taught me, and coming from a hot country like South Africa, is that SPF is an essential ingredient for any of your facial make-up. I simply do not enjoy getting burnt or baking in the sun, I prefer to preserve my skin’s natural state and elasticity.

So, the search had begun. Usually, I always put on a good SPF50 face cream made specifically for wearing under make-up, but those are quite pricey. I find it nice to have SPF in my foundations as well.

Then, I found Rimmel London’s Match Perfection! It has an amazing soft and smooth texture and blends well into the skin. It has a nice scent as well. It contains a light SPF15, and contains 24-hour moisture so won’t leave your face flaky and dried up during the day.

I personally feel it’s way better than my last foundation brand!I got mine at Clicks, and its relatively well priced (R150) as well compared to the other brands.

This one comes highly recommended especially if you have sensitive skin on the face 🙂