Living in Lima

Me and a friend walking through Lima centre.

This will be my last and final post on my year living abroad in Peru in 2008. It’s my last
because I simply have nothing left to tell of my adventures.

Next year will be 10 years since lived there, and since compiling these posts, many of the good friends  I had made there that I am still in contact with are suggesting a reunion. I would love that, as since then I have become a more seasoned traveller and I am better equipped to document my travels to. I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see!

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Paracas, Peru

While living in Peru in 2008, me and my friend decided to do a spur of the moment trip outside of Lima. We had a few national public holidays in the week that was celebrating Peru’s independence. We were sitting at a café, and dear old Evan Anderson suggested we try somewhere nearby. I agreed, plus travelling in Peru was super cheap. After much research, we chose a more off the beaten track place called Paracas.

Picture 085
Having a laugh in the ancient Peruvian desert!

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10 things to know about Peru

Peru is not what I would call your typical destination to spend a year abroad, but I decided why not?!

Straight after graduation, I got an offer to work in copy writing in Lima, Peru. This was 2008, I was a fresh graduate and left for this adventure with only R5000 (US$500) in my pocket, no camera and not even a computer laptop.  After one year of living and working in Peru, I’ve put together this brief list of important things to know about the country. Whether you plan on going on a short or long term visit, these top 10 facts should help get you prepared for your Peruvian adventure!

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Cuzco, Peru: Capital of the Incan Empire

cusco 6
In Cusco, 2008

In my previous post on traveling in South America, I spoke about traveling up to the amazing Machu Picchu ruins in 2008. However, to get to Machu Picchu you have to go to the old Incan capital of Cuzco. It’s only from Cuzco that you will be able to make your journey to Machu Picchu and many other amazing historical sites around the town.

Cuzco in itself is a treasure. It’s a real combination of two worlds and cultures that has co-existed and merged to what has defined the city today. Almost everyone in Peru has made a visit to Cuzco to experience the amazing heritage sites that once were home to the ruling kingdom of ancient South America.

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Mysterious Machu Picchu

Whether you are visiting or living in Peru, a trip to the amazing Machu Picchu is a must-see. It seems quite unconvincing for those non-conventional travelers, because of how it is over-marketed, but I cannot express how amazing this experience is for the mind and soul. You can see a 100 photos and video clips of Machu Picchu, but it will come NOWHERE close to actually seeing it with your own two eyes and setting foot upon those once sacred grounds. The experience is mind blowing and spiritually moving in such a way you’ll never forget it.

 (Note: My posts from my time in South America are not well captured as I was a freshly graduated student, with no laptop, no digital camera and no smartphones existed yet to catch every moment. These pics are all my scanned photographs.)

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