The Selby House at Daelim Museum

A friend of mine had won tickets to see the Shelby House exhibition at the Daelim Museum in Jongno, Seoul. She kindly invited me and another friend to be her guests, as we are all art lovers. So one hot, muggy and humid Sunday in Seoul, I met with my friends and went to check out the exhibit.

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The Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido

In continuing with my obsession with cherry blossom season, I decided to go check out the Spring Flower Festival in Yeouido. Yeouido is an area located in the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea. It’s also an island! For all the years I had been living here I didn’t even know. However the -do part should have given it away as it mean Island in Korean.

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Spring in Seoul

Spring time in Asia does not last to long, and it’s best time is only between 2 or 3 weeks long. This is when the cherry blossoms bloom. I’m obsessed with these flowers, and make an effort to catch them in new places and countries when I have the opportunity.

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Hiking At Mount Seoraksan

This October, I decided to go and hike at Mount Seoraksan, a popular range of mountains on the East coast of South Korea. It is now a national park and attracts thousands of visitors daily. The mountain was named after the Autumn season and the white rocks that adorn the cliffs.

This year, I decided to take up hiking as a hobby. I have done hikes before and enjoyed it, but never thought of making it a regular staple to my hobbies list. Korea is a great place to take the sport up, as there is easy access to many hiking trails and many hiking clubs and groups to join. Plus, It’s really cheap.

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Gwangbokjeol: Korea’s Liberation Day

Yesterday was the Korean Liberation Day, also known as Gwangbokjeol, which in Korean means The Day the Light Returned. This day is celebrated on the 15 August in both North and South Korea and commemorates the liberation of Korea from the Japanese Imperial rule in 1945 after World War II.  South Korea, along with its allies from the U.S.A and Russia helped over throw the Japan’s colonisation.

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Sweet San Francisco

In 2015, I was spending my summer in Southern California on a month-long study trip with my school. I had not initially planned on going to San Francisco, but after much talk with my fellow roommates at the hostel in Venice Beach, I decided to spend my next weekend up state.

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Venice Beach: The People, The Palms, The Promenade

I finally made it to the North American continent! This means I have officially set foot on all 5 continents on this planet. Woo HOO!
I had to complete a course in Southern California which allowed us weekends off. So let’s start with my first weekend which begins at the popular Venice Beach, Los Angeles!

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A Trip to Translyvania

Never, in my life would I EVER have thought I would visit Transylvania! The small town with a historical castle responsible for the infamous novel ‘Count Dracula’ by Brahm Stroker.
This trip was never on my personal itinerary. This was actually part of a week long business trip in Romania and they treated us to visiting Transylvania.

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Lovely Lyon

Paris offers many delights that will never leave you bored, however if you decide to visit
France do try and make an effort to see more of it. Paris is but a fraction of the country, and there is so much more to see in the other smaller cities. The best thing is that no two cities are alike! Each have their own vibe and have something unique to offer.

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Spring & Cherry Blossoms in Paris

I’ve always seen such pretty pics with the Eiffel Tower in Paris amidst cherry blossoms! Since living in Asia, I have fallen in love with Spring and the blooming of the cherry blossoms every year.

Cherry blossoms are not native to Europe, so these carefully planted trees around Paris’ famous landmarks are a treasure to behold after a dull and dreary Winter. You can find them all over the city in parks and other popular places. So one warm sunny Spring day in Paris, I took a study break and headed off to the Eiffel Tower with my camera to capture these short-lived blossoms in bloom!

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