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The Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary African Art, or Zeitz MOCAA, opened its doors on the 22nd September 2017 and held its grand opening to the public for free until the 25th.  The museum currently houses the largest collection of contemporary African Art in the world. It is an amazing space and showcases the latest in art from all over Africa from current artists that explore topics on identity, politics, society and history through a variety of visual and aural mediums.


The Zeitz MOCAA is situated below the ultra-chic luxury hotel, The Siloh District. Both the museum and hotel can be accessed via the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.


The Zeitz MOCAA boasts amazing architectural and interior design. Walking through the museum and through the exhibition rooms can make you feel like you feel like you are in 2 different places. I found it an interesting place to explore and to take in. There are over 100 exhibitions, which are spread over 9 floors that spiral up 4 levels. You can access the floors via elevator or walk up the beautiful spiralled staircase.

The collections

The current collections on exhibit are from artists across the African continent or who are from Africa and now living abroad. They open up interesting dialogues with the viewer from the artist on the diversity of African identity within the different countries and societies and their relation to the rest of the world.


The exhibition also showcases creativity in various mediums from film, photography, paint, sculpture, textiles and music. Most of the topics on exhibition deal with current trends and topics happening and evolving from within African countries and societies.


My personal favourites were from Thania Peterson and Isaac Julien’s ‘Crashing Waves’.

Why visit?

For art lovers, it offers a great experience to see the latest trends in African art and the present exhibitions and those that will follow will definitely have an impact on you. If art isn’t your thing, the actual building itself is definitely worth seeing. There is also an amazing restaurant/coffee shop at the top with amazing views of Cape Town city.

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53 thoughts on “The Zeitz MOCAA

  1. Wow this looks like a fabulous museum, I will certainly include it on my Cape Town schedule, thanks for sharing!

  2. This is so interesting – and the works on your pix look so great! African contemporary art is totally underrated – I’ve seen an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier in Paris and two weeks ago at the PAC in Milan and it just blew me away. Also the African pavilions at the Biennale in Venice were some of the best one so I think African contemporary art should definitely be promoted more. Thank you for this article, it’s very inspiring.

  3. Art Galleries are the first place I like to visit when I hit a bigger city, this ones sounds simply amazing. Sadly I think many of us in the world are totally uneducated about art in full – let alone African Art. Contemporary art is always a little difficult for non-artists to understand so I am happy to see more galleries opening in places that have a unique view of the world.

  4. I love visiting museums when traveling. It tells me so much about the culture. Your post is an excellent description of Cape Town’s new museum. The architecture is fantastic! We were recently in New Zealand, and I found the architecture of the museums as interesting as the exhibits – just like Cape Town’s Museum.

  5. Some really interesting and unique pieces of art – great pictures. It’s nice to know that this kind of art is becoming more popular in Africa, we’ll have to visit when we make it to Cape Town.

  6. Ive never heard about The Zeitz MOCAA but it seems like a great art museum! I love all the interesting exhibitions you are showing here on photos! I would love to visit South Africa one day, and it I do I definitely visit that museum !

  7. Art is so complex and interesting and I just love seeing different styles from around the world. The building itself is pretty awesome and could be considered an exhibit as well! Your video was fun and made me feel like I was walking around in SA, rather than sitting at my desk at work!

  8. This museum looks worth visiting. Its the first time I have seen African art and yes it looks impressive. What i liked most is that the exhibition works on the current trends and changes it into an art form. Few pictures are just stunning. Great info.

  9. What a strange yet enticing museum! I am not a big fan of contemporary art but I do enjoy how artists interpret events/culture in their work. It looks like a must-see place in Cape Town.

  10. I am planning to visit Cape Town soon and I think I would not have visited without having read this post, but now I am curious! Looks like a really cool museum to visit. And so new! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Uhhh I love posts about museums cause it gives you way more insights and I always try to find out if a museum is worth visiting by reading other people’s posts. The Zeitz MOCAA looks really amazing from you pictures – I am also impressed by “Crashing Waves”. With contemporary art I often have the problem that I either really like it or I really don’t have any idea what to do with it.

  12. This is such a cool museum, and one that celebrates modern Africa art. I can see why you liked the crashing waves piece, it’s so unique. I’d like to try that coffee shop to see the views of Cape Town, stunning I bet!

  13. How much is the entrance? I couldn’t find that info and since you can visit all the museums for free in London – I’m spoiled and expect them to be free all over the world. Even though I am not a “museum person” I would definitely visit to learn more about the African arts. The exhibition looks really interesting.

  14. African art is amazing – and our exposure to it in South Africa is immense, however not much credit is given to our artists. This is definitely on my list for my next Cape Town visit!

  15. Oh my my. I heard about MOCCA in CapeTown but I didn’t even bother to check it out based on the info I got. But I’m more than surprised. My source gave an opposite description of what you have here. The building itself is a sight to behold, then the artifacts in the museum ☺. I’d love to have a tour of MOCCA and show this post and the video to my source.

  16. I have explored Cape Town but did not check on this museum. But equally satisfying seeing through your eyes in this post. Amazing pics with valuable info.

  17. This is really interesting, there’s currently an exhibition in the London tate called Soul of a Nation that is really powerful I’ve heard. Great post, I would love to visit!

  18. This looks like such a cool place for art enthusiasts! It’s cool how many of the people are specific to Africa. I haven’t been to Capetown yet, but posts like these make me want to go asap!

  19. I can rather get interested in going to a museum for contemporary/modern exhibits – so this is quite interesting to me & the industrial setting of this museum fits perfectly. I recently read another post about South Africa that made me remember the invitation of a friend & former study colleague to visit him there… so… I should combine some stuff – This goes on my mist 🙂

  20. The staircase at the Zeitz MOCAA, I would definitely take the staircase instead of the elevator just to photograph it! You got a wonderful shot of the staircase and with no one on it! The collections you saw look very interesting, this is something new for me in Cape Town!

  21. I am not a museum lover but African art collection sounds interesting. I would definitely like to visit this newly opened museum. The layout seems lovely. the photographs are superb. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Exemplary art work! I love museums for their variety in terms of display… older the better.
    Surely adding this to my list.

  23. When visiting new places, I always like to fit in museums as it really helps you appreciate so much more about the history and culture of the people there. This museum certainly does look very interesting – and also for the fact that it covers the continent of Africa, rather than just South Africa. Also really enjoyed your video which contributed a good feel for the place as well.

  24. We love museums, they are the windows to the past, present, and future of a place, its culture and mores. The Zeitz Mocaa looks really fascinating. The exhibits are so futuristic and give a glimpse of the futuristic vision of the artists.

  25. Wow this is interesting. I have been a fan to explore the culture and art of various places and this seems completely like my kind of a place. I have been waiting to visit cape Town for like ever. May be soon. Will bookmark this

  26. I do like visiting contemporary art museums and actually one of my favorite local ones is Tate Modern in London. It’s nice to try to understand what the artist wanted to express through their creations. I would be interested in visiting the Zeitz Mocaa as well, some of the art exhibited there looks really interesting.

  27. I’m usually not a fan of contemporary art just because I probably lack the art appreciation for it but I would definitely love to check this one out for sure. Not just for its architectural and interior design, but the collections on African identity are quite moving and have me intrigued. Would love to see it in person someday!

  28. What an interesting museum with equally interesting exhibits! I’m definitely seeing a different side of Africa just by looking at your photos.. The floating bodies (?) are pretty intriguing. Would love to learn the story behind it!

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