The Selby House at Daelim Museum

A friend of mine had won tickets to see the Shelby House exhibition at the Daelim Museum in Jongno, Seoul. She kindly invited me and another friend to be her guests, as we are all art lovers. So one hot, muggy and humid Sunday in Seoul, I met with my friends and went to check out the exhibit.

Daelim Museum

The Daelim Museum is one of the 3 modern art and lifestyle museums that are in conjunction with the D Museum (the one I went to last week for the Chanel exhibit) and the D Project Space.


The Daelim Museum focuses more on lifestyle through art and actually started off as a photography museum. The building itself is really cool, with sharp edges and chic modern architecture and bold colours in between the lines. The interior offers wide spaces and the overall curation of the works for the Selby exhibition was colourful and fun. This is one exhibition space that is friendly for the whole family and an experience not to be missed by any art lover.

The Selby House Exhibition



We are met with a ceiling to floor 3 walled room full of snap shots of Selby’s work as we enter. This led us into the exhibition floor with his most popular photographic works. His subjects were of creatives from chefs, fashion designers and various famous artists who work in the field of art and lifestyle.

What I loved about the photography was its richness in colour. Large images and shots of the creators’ private spaces and interiors were shot in high colour and vibrant energy. Various shots of their work spaces and personal spaces really captured the overall atmospheres of these iconic designers and professional behind the scenes. Artists featured were Karl Lagerfeld, Olivier Rusteing and Franca Sozzani.


You can find Selby’s vivid illustrations starting to immerse with his work as you move up onto the next level. As he tells stories through his photography, he starts to add his illustrations into the picture frames that are relative to the subjects.

As you move through the exhibition, Selby’s illustrations start coming to life, as he tells his own story from his youth to present day. Large life size illustrations of cities, places and dreams fill the rooms. The layout of the works are fantastic, full colour and lots of fun with some pictures moving along the scenes.

The jungle room was inspired by a dream, and the 2-D animals and plants in bright colours, make your feel like you are walking through the pages of a children’s book.

At Home

In this section entitles “Selby The Neighbour”, we get a glimpse of the artist’s bedroom, work space and home life. The bedroom is reminiscent of his childhood, a major factor and inspiration for his works. Like all his subjects, we also get to see Selby’s own work space re-built in the exhibit.


Go see it

It was my first time experiencing such a personal exhibition. It was interesting to see how his own personal processes and inspirations come through his work. We first see his major works , then how he creates his stories and their origins. His work always focuses on the behind-the scenes and inspiration of the artists he portrays. Selby’s House takes a look into mind the photographer instead.


Art lovers du jour

The exhibition runs until 29 October 2017
Address: 21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Here is a short video on the exhibition highlights at Daelim.



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14 thoughts on “The Selby House at Daelim Museum

  1. The artwork is so colourful and vivid! The Selby House sounds like a great place to spend the afternoon and to learn about the thought process behind the art.

  2. The word “museum” , probably because of childhood bad experiences, evokes me “boredom”..:) But what a surprise this exibition is Seoul! So coloured, so much fantasy and creativity. I could definitely spend hours observing details and dreaming! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

  3. I always love visiting museum especially museum that related to arts because often times the exhibition is full of surprises. It feels good as well to be surrounded by creativities, it is inspiring to see how people express their thoughts and feelings through arts 🙂

  4. This looks like a super cool exhibition to visit! I love visiting photography shows like this, as I think photography is such a special form of art. It looks really colourful!

  5. The Daelim Museum looks like a worthwhile visit in Seoul. As a photographer lover I’d love to check out the snap shots of Selby’s work. I too love vibrancy and color so this is my type of art!

  6. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this photographer before, but the exhibition looks great. The Jungle room looks like a lot of fun, and colouful too. The space of the exhibition is interesting, I’ll remember it if I ever get to Seoul.

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